Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

One-to-One messages increase customer engagement

We’re Experienced in Data Driven Direct Marketing

We’ve been at it for over 25 years and we have helped hundreds of companies drive results. We’re experienced at developing direct marketing strategies and tactics, using unique database management tools, extreme personalized marketing tactics, Variable Data Printing (VDP), dynamic email marketing and data driven landing pages..

The Key to Personalized Marketing is building close Relationships

People are more likely to respond if you address them by name. One-to-one marketing pieces containing personalized headlines, text, graphics, and offers will increase your response rate, engagement and ROI. NextPage can do this for you.  We link your marketing database to our VDP, email, and Personalized URL systems, to generate dynamic content personalized to your recipients’ preferences, behavior and demographics, such as:

  • Past purchase behavior
  • Survey responses
  • Annual income or revenue
  • Geographic location
  • Customer lifetime value
  • And thousands of other variables

Improve Your Direct Response Rate.  Use Multi-Channel Marketing.

NextPage makes it easy for companies to execute multi-channel direct marketing by consolidating all marketing channels within one system where we streamline the production process. Each channel is managed and produced through NextPage, increasing speed and lowering costs.

NextPage provides unified production and deployment of:

  • Personalized direct mail
  • Email marketing programs
  • Personalized URL landing pages
  • QR Codes
  • Multi-touch automated marketing campaigns

If you’re not currently using multi-channel marketing campaigns for lead generation, lead nurturing and customer retention, NextPage can help you develop campaigns and test the effectiveness of each channel to help you hone your strategy.

To speak with a NextPage direct marketing specialist, contact us online or call 1.800.660.0108.