Committed to Security Both In and Out

Committed to Security Both In and Out

When it comes to finding the right fit to handle your direct mail needs, you want to make sure the company you choose is one you can trust to carefully keep your information protected. NextPage delivers that promise both in and out, between our secure location and our SOC 2 Type 2 information security compliance. We know that we have an important job to do when it comes to keeping our clients’ information safe, that’s why we are continuously assessing our security policies to ensure we are up to date and using the best programs out there.

When we say we provide security both in and out, we really mean it. NextPage is located in Subtropolis of Kansas City, Missouri, a 200,000 square foot underground location with security guards working 24/7 to keep the 50+ businesses down here safe. Our facility is monitored closely with security cameras posted at all NextPage entrances and secured areas. We work internally with an RF key card system to ensure only authorized personnel have access into our facility as well as a secondary RF key card system to ensure the secure areas within our facility are only accessed by approved personnel.

As a data-driven business, NextPage provides the ability to transfer and manage data in a secure and encrypted manner, in full compliance with our clients’ information security policies.  We provide automated and secure data integrations, directly to our customers’ servers and systems.  

Because the company pulls proprietary data directly from many of its hospitality, healthcare, nonprofit, and retail clients, we are particularly cautious. NextPage allocates a percentage of their annual budget to ensure all systems are in place to secure the data and meet its customers’ deadlines.

By having “all eyes” examine the general controls supporting our direct marketing and printing services, you can be assured that when working with us you will not receive a corrupt file, be exposed to a data breach, lost data, or delays in production because of risks we should have known about and addressed.

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