Direct Mail Engages Donors for the Win!

Direct Mail Engages Donors for the Win!

Direct Mail Engages Donors for the Win!

That’s right! NextPage has done it once again. These awards not only remind us that our capabilities are proven to be successful, but they give us a chance to display that we have the talent, the tools, and the knowledge to make any campaign an award-winning success.

Our spotlight shines on our production of the Food for Life campaign for Sustainable Harvest International which was awarded the GRAPHEX award of recognition for a Direct Mail Campaign – Digitally Printed. Founded in 1997, Sustainable Harvest International is dedicated to preserving the environment by partnering with families to improve well-being through sustainable farming.

In the ’90s Florence Reed served as an environmental education and forestry extension Peace Corps volunteer in Panama. It was there that she saw the devastating deforestation through slash-and-burn agriculture, but knew the farmers were only doing what they had to do in order to sustain their farms and provide for their families. Reed knew she could help by providing a way to educate farmers on how they could sustain their farms and feed their families while simultaneously protecting and restoring the ecosystems.  Sustainable Harvest International was created to do just that. Click here to learn more about the history of Sustainable Harvest International, their impact, and explore their interactive website.

Direct mail campaigns can be a powerful tool for non-profit organizations to reach potential donors and share information. Non-profit organizations have the capability through direct mail to not only keep donors engaged with their organization and show them how their donations have helped, but these campaigns can also be utilized to keep donors, staff, and other individuals that interact with their organization up to date on everything going on throughout the year.

NextPage produced a three-piece direct mail campaign to help Sustainable Harvest International engage potential donors with crystal clear imagery, eye-catching colors, and a dynamic layout that makes it simple and easy for donors to quickly engage with the message and submit their donations. Below you’ll find each piece incorporated in this campaign with information on how it was printed to become the award-winning campaign it is today!


Variable Insert with Reply Device

  • Cover Printed Digital 4/4 Flat Sheet
    • 80# Accent Digital Cover; Press sheet 12×18
    • Printed on the HP7600 Indigo Press (Pictured Above)
    • Trimmed to 14.5×8.5 and scored for a 3.5” Fold Out w/perf
  • Inside Pages Printed Digital 4/4 Flat Sheet
    • 80# Accent Digital Text; Press sheet 13×19
    • HP7600 Indigo Press
    • Trimmed to 11×8.5 and Stitched to Cover


Outer Envelope

  • Printed flat sheet and converted to 6×9.5 Closed Face Booklet Envelope
  • 80# Accent Opaque Text; 23×35 press sheet
  • 4/0 HUV Process Inks
  • Printed on the Komori 40” 8 -Color press (Pictured Above)


Return Envelope

  • Printed Pre-converted #9 Envelope
  • 24# white wove
  • 1/0 Black Ink
  • Printed on the Hamada 2-Color Press (Pictured Above)


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