Customers Crave Connection in a World of Isolation

Customers Crave Connection in a World of Isolation

COVID 19 has proven to change everything including the way consumers see mail.  Once seen as junk mail, direct mail is now a vital connection to “the world outside”.

With a nearly double-digit increase in effectiveness, as reported by the Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMail, a UK industry association), a single piece of direct mail is interreacted with over 4 times on average. What’s more important is that the mail piece, on average, lives in the home for over 8 days.

JICMail director of data leadership and learning Ian Gibbs indicated that “Consumers are frustrated with ad bombardment and poorly targeted communications. This is the opposite of what direct mail does.”

Why Direct Mail and Why Now

In the days of quarantine, no matter what that looks like for you, too often consumers are looking for any reason to get out of the house and do something – anything.  On a daily basis – whether it’s getting in a little exercise, walking the dog, or simply getting out of the house – consumers look forward to going to the mailbox.

Add to this new reality, mail volumes are not as high as they once were.  First-class mail volume is down (2.5% as reported by the USPS for their First Quarter 2020) and consumers are exhausted from their digital screens.  There are fewer pieces of mail in the box so each piece garners more attention.

Direct Mail Gives a Personal Connection

67% of respondents say that mail provides a more personal connection and 72% of respondents indicate they read or scan their advertising mail on a regular basis. ** 2019 Postal Diary

With an average of about 16 pieces of mail received at home each week that means your campaign is typically only competing with approximately three other mail pieces. ** 2019 Postal Diary

The tactile nature of direct mail further engages the human senses and that leads to a more personal connection with your brand.  When you add relevant information from your database and are able to provide a personal connection with that consumer you are able to create a deeper connection.

How to Do Direct Mail Right in a Pandemic

If you have never executed a direct mail campaign now is the time to test the channel.  First, start with your current customer list.  Do not try to execute a prospecting (acquisition) campaign as your first direct mail attempt.  The key during quarantine is to deepen your relationship with your customer.

Create messaging and use visuals that show value, empathy, and safety.  These are the emotions that are at a heightened level at this juncture.  This will show consumers that you understand what they are going through and that your brand is available to help.

Ideas to test include:

  • Thank you for a past purchase
  • Win-Back campaigns for lapsed buyers
  • Birthday and Anniversary campaigns
  • New product announcements
  • Prize drawings
  • Long-form creative like newsletters and magazines

Take a moment to sign up for a free 30-minute consultation or take months to figure out your next best marketing campaign? The choice is yours! Your customers are waiting to connect.