Reminder: Think Twice before Building Your Content House on Rented Land

Reminder: Think Twice before Building Your Content House on Rented Land

What were you thinking during the “Great Facebook Outage of 2021”?

Let’s face it, sometime on the morning of October 4, 2021, you opened a browser or picked up your phone to check Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.  Some people sent trouble tickets to their IT Support Teams (note to self – a BIG no-no unless you are a marketer).  If you are like a lot of savvy marketers, you got to pondering the real challenge…

Reality Sets In

Without FB, and IG how are we going to target?  We can’t control it, don’t own it, and can’t impact policies when it does go down – and if we are leveraging any one of the platforms, we go down with it.  Our marketing stops and all the work we’ve done for months and even years stop.

The takeaway from this outage is diversification

It’s time for all of us to remember that as savvy marketers we must have clear goals and multiple ways of reaching those goals.  As a reminder, the goal for social media is audience building.  The goal for everything else is engagement and conversion.  While we rely on these social media platforms to drive attraction, it should be looked at from a ‘rent-to-own’ strategy. The Intention should be targeted to moving the valuable audience you build on social media platforms to methods where you have more control – direct mail, email newsletter, blog content, etc.

And don’t forget about the cookie!

While many organizations rely heavily on social media, it’s beneficial to have a highly targeted platform to reach your customers and prospects – all without the use of cookies. Be sure that your strategy goes a few steps further and start looking for ways to engage your target audience all without the use of cookies.  Learn more about tools that allow you to reach your audience based on demographics, geographic locations as well as behavioral attributes. 

Set a Goal

The last thing you want to do is wake up and realize that a 6-hour outage is now a 6 day/week/month event without having already thought through your response and options.  Set a goal to build a broader strategy into your marketing efforts that enable you to own your content and data while keeping your audience close, out of the hands of a third party, keeping the acquisition machine churning, even if one or two channels are down. Reach out to NextPage and let us help you develop a diversified plan with more control and peace of mind.