Print Marketing Trends for 2022

Print Marketing Trends for 2022

As we’ve moved into the new year, all eyes are on the trends companies, marketers and designers can expect to see in the print space. One of the things that is very clear to everyone is that there is an oversaturation of digital marketing messages and companies need to increase efforts to “break through the noise”.  Print is that catalyst to drive more awareness, engagement and sales.

In 2022 we’re seeing trends in three key areas, personalization, specialty finishing and green initiatives surrounding print. 

This is good news for companies as these trends create an easy way for your company to stand out and get the type of attention you need from your customers.

Enhanced and Personalized Print Marketing

People love personalization!

One of the innovations over the past handful of years in print is the ability to personalize printed pieces at a very granular level.

Two of the most popular ways of personalizing print are:

  • Variable Data Direct Mail
  • QR Code Usage

Variable Data Printing is the ability to print each piece uniquely using data specific to the recipient. This could be their name, address, custom unique url, image or something even more interesting. The benefits of VDP include the ability to drive response rates 3-10 times higher than static direct mail campaigns. Just get creative and it is possible to get that printed.

Using QR Codes allows you to take a visitor online to give them a more personalized experience where the options are near limitless from a data presentation and usage standpoint. This compliment of using digital and analog print tied together works very well at engaging your target audience.

Tracking ROI through personalization

A significant benefit to using elements of personalization such as custom URLs, QR codes and phone numbers is that you have the ability to track the behavior of the person taking action.

As a decision maker in the business, you want to make sure you’re getting the best results from efforts, so being able to track performance is an important element in marketing. Using these elements of personalization will give you the ability to measure, gain insight and make the best decisions possible for your organization.

Special Finishing Options are In

What makes print so appealing is the engagement of both visual and tactile senses. These two senses combined create an emotional response and build a lasting relationship between you and your audience. 

No other communication channel can produce as much of a response which leads to increased awareness, engagement, loyalty and ultimately sales.

So, what are the types of finishes that will deliver results like this?

The answer, and every good marketer knows, test!

There are so many options available that you have the ability to develop an infinite matrix of creative approaches to get the greatest results.

Below is a list of finishing options to enhance the tactile engagement with your audience. 

Spot UV – This is a process where certain parts of the printed piece are sealed with a shiny coating to make that area stand out and compliment the design by creating contrast that draws the eye in.

Foiling ­­– Whether it’s gold, silver or some other color you can apply it as a thin film of metal foil to promote that area and make it shine!

Embossing – By doing this you’re raising the design up off the paper face to give it a unique feel and texture. People love moving their fingers across embossed print.

Debossing ­– Similar to embossing, but instead this process depresses a texture or design into the printed piece to give it a different type of unique look and feel. 

Laminating – While you can do a simple clear lamination to make a piece look more professional and protect it so the piece will last longer you also have the option of using specialty laminations that reflect light differently to give the recipient a unique experience.

In 2022, Print is Green

Now more than ever companies are ensuring that they are monitoring their carbon footprint looking for ways to “go green” and be more environmentally friendly.

This bleeds into the partners they work with and the products they use meaning that print companies also need to be mindful of and working on practices that make them more environmentally friendly as well.

Luckily print companies have been focusing on this for a while making it an easy attribute to promote.

Who you work with reflects on you and your business. By switching to greener print and working with companies like NextPage, you’ll boost your business’ green credentials by ensuring eco-friendly processes are implemented throughout your organization and supply chain.

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