Kitting and Fulfillment Benefits for Business

Kitting and Fulfillment Benefits for Business

If you’re looking into kitting and fulfillment then you’re either ready to find a partner to help you with getting it done, learning more about it or trying to understand what kitting actually is.

So, let’s start with “What is Kitting?”. Kitting is packaging together some number of physical promotional and/or educational content related to an advertising or marketing campaign that is then fulfilled by shipping out to a target list of recipients that are in most cases customers, prospects or influencers that will amplify your campaigns visibility to an appropriate target audience.

Kits in many cases include things like, a sample product, a brochure, thumb drives, mugs, t-shirts, binders, books or other interesting promotional items that support your campaign message and move the recipient to action.

 With kitting and fulfillment explained let’s look at some of the benefits provided by the service.

Create Campaign Consistency

One of the great benefits provided by marketing kits is the consistency that can be achieved.

Kitting at its core is structured in a way similar to standard assembly line manufacturing that ensures each kit is the same as all of the others, unless you have variables within the process that have some kits different from the others, but still the process is standardized to ensure that all kits are created and assembled accurately.

This means the return on investment can be measured accurately as well as the impact on brand sentiment, brand awareness and recall due to the fact every part of the promotional kit was held constant.

Additionally if a change or improvement needs to be implemented it can be done at scale globally with extreme efficiency.

Save Time and Space by Outsourcing Your Kitting and fulfillment

Based on the fact that the kitting and fulfillment process can be standardized you’re able to save a lot of time, but even more time and money can be saved by outsourcing both the kitting and fulfillment.

To be honest it never really sounds like a lot of work when portrayed as just putting products into a package and shipping it out. But the reality is that when you factor in the amount of time it takes to source, inventory, curate target lists, collate, pick, pack and ship all of these kits out you quickly realize how much actually goes into it. And if you’re like most companies you aren’t set up to do this efficiently and don’t have the bandwidth on your team to get it done in a timely manner to meet your deadline.

In addition to the labor simply having to devote space to storing all of these items and having an area to assemble it all may not be feasible.

Pivot Messaging Quickly Across Stores

Focusing on kitting for in-store promotions you’ll find that a major benefit is being able to quickly update or pivot your messaging. With a centralized efficient process for kitting and fulfilling your in-store marketing you will be able to get changes to campaigns, visuals, giveaways or other items out the door and into the store extremely fast.

For example, the need to provide stores with COVID signage, decals or notices or a critical update to a promotion used on window display graphics needs to be rolled out globally, can all be done consistently and with lightning speed.

While there are many benefits to kitting and fulfillment we hope the ones we’ve shared here were helpful in giving you a deeper understanding and perspective on how it could benefit your company. Let NextPage handle your storage and logistics, so you don’t have to.

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