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Eric Danner


As Owner and President of NextPage, Eric knows what it means to run a business and stay financially viable in the print industry. A stickler for numbers, Eric’s the brain behind the digits. He’s also a calculated risk-taker. The decisions to spend $3.5 million in expanding (40,000 square feet to 70,000) NextPage’s manufacturing plant and upgrading technology and equipment was not taken lightly.

His keen insight into NextPage’s clientele lends itself to warrant the purchase of newer, bigger and better equipment so the company can continue to deliver marketing solutions that save their clients time and money. Eric brings to the table real-life experience that’s measured in more than books. His penchant for understanding the big picture is what lends to forecasting and budgeting for the future of NextPage.

A native of Kansas City, Eric upholds his parent’s firm belief that it is the responsibility of  those who can, take care of those who can’t. Eric is passionate about serving his community and helping those in need through charities including Bishop Sullivan Center, Harvesters, and Operation Breakthrough.

Eric’s an outdoorsman – so after working all day in an underground facility – don’t expect to find him inside. A private pilot, Danner builds and flies experimental and certificated airplanes. Eric and his family divide their time between Kansas City, and an Oregon, Missouri farm.

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