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NextPage Welcome Four New Members to Their Sales Team


Josh Shelton

When a true professional says, “I think I’m interested in learning more about your company,” you stop and pay attention.  That was the experience NextPage CEO Gina Danner had when she learned that Josh Shelton wanted to join NextPage as a Senior Account Executive.

Finding great talent is a challenge and to have someone like Josh with his 20 years of experience, say, “I want to join NextPage,” as a business owner you feel you hit the jackpot.  That is how Danner felt when Josh started discussing making a transition to NextPage.

Josh has a great set of clients and the vision to see how NextPage can help his clients carve out more from every marketing dollar they spend.  Josh recently shared this insight with Danner, “What I liked about NextPage was the commitment the company has to driving change for their clients.  Add to that the rich core capabilities of the organization and the fact that there is a solid brand guided by visionary leadership, it really became a clear choice for me.”

Josh has a wonderful pedigree of printing expertise.  He started his career with Hubbell-Tyner, purchased by the George E. Fern Company in 2001, working with clients both local and national to maximize their tradeshow efforts, focusing on creating innovative large format printing experiences for sponsors and exhibitors alike. He then proceeded to expand his experience into sheetfed printing and direct mailing with Boelte-Hall. He has always worked to expand what he can offer his clients and the move to NextPage after 12 years at Boelte-Hall wasn’t an easy decision but one he felt needed to be made.

What most impressed NextPage about with Josh is his high energy nature and his ability to manage the many priorities that a top tier professional in the printing business must manage.  He keeps a steady head when dealing with complex, time consuming, and time constrained projects.  He is always looking for ways to empower his clients and his team members.

We are excited to have Josh on the NextPage team.

Aimee Hodges

Aimee Hodges studied interior design in college during what she calls “the Trading Spaces craze”. She then switched to a graphic design program where she was required to work in a print shop as part of the curriculum. It was there she discovered her fondness for printing.

“I really enjoyed the guy who led the printing program,” she said. “I learned how to run a small press and do the stripping, platemaking and everything else. It just clicked, I really enjoyed and understood it, so I decided I wanted to pursue printing as a career.”

After earning her degree in graphic communications management, Aimee worked as a project coordinator at Boelte-Hall for nine years. In 2017, she decided she needed a new working arrangement after giving birth to her son, and heard about an opportunity at NextPage from her friend and coworker Joshua Shelton.

“I think NextPage is very forward thinking,” she said. “A lot of people have said print is dying. I don’t think print is dying, I think print is making a comeback, especially in the millennial group. The way NextPage incorporates technology with print and makes everything work together, I think, is crucial to survive and thrive in the industry. There’s just something about having a physical piece of paper in your hand that’s so much different than looking at a screen.”

As a Customer Service Representative, Aimee works directly with customers to obtain estimates, answer questions about jobs in progress, and put potential jobs in motion. Her background in design helps her to know where the designers are coming from and what kind of software they use.

“I’m a people pleaser. I like helping people and I want things to be done well and on time.  Finally, at the end of the day, as I’m going home, I know I did the best I could do” says Hodges.

We are thrilled to have Aimee Hodges on the NextPage team.

Nick Doffing

Nick Doffing began his career in the print industry at Stouse, first as an intern, and then as a full-time employee checking film after earning his degree in commercial graphics. He then went through a leadership development program at Spangler Graphics and experimented with several different roles before he settled on Customer Service.

Nick next worked as an account manager at Boelte-Hall, where he met fellow coworkers Joshua Shelton and Aimee Hodges. In 2017, Shelton, who was leaving Boelte-Hall to join NextPage as a Senior Account Executive, told Doffing and Hodges about a unique opportunity to join him as Customer Service Representatives at NextPage. After a short deliberation, Doffing and Hodges decided together to join the team at NextPage.

Doffing’s customer service skills come from his early background in food service as a restaurant cook and pizza delivery driver.

“I was always more creative-minded,” Doffing said. “Once I was in the print industry, I liked being able to see the process travel from the original concept, to getting art concept ideas from talking to the customer about their vision, and then actually seeing the finished piece. The entire arc of this experience is that we get to work with various people and actually enhance their ideas to create something new. That is the part I enjoy the most.  Plus, since what we do impacts their business we get to help them make money.”

“I think my biggest takeaway from those jobs is a lot more from management. That’s something I see myself getting into at some point in my career. You see what you like and what you don’t like in certain managers and try to use those to mold yourself into what you think will be most effective.”

As a CSR at NextPage, Nick oversees print jobs from start to finish and ensures the finished product is on time, within budget, and exactly what the customer wanted. He feels NextPage has a good level of trust within its staff.

“NextPage appears to always be out there searching for how we can keep growing. This industry changes so fast and in reality you always have to be looking forward, and NextPage appears to be doing that so I see it leading and driving forward for many years to come.”

We’re glad to have Nick’s friendly and optimistic personality on our team.

Sam SewellSam Sewell

It’s hard not to hire someone who has such a deep knowledge of the print industry, and is as well-known and respected by his contemporaries, as Sam Sewell. Sewell has worked in the print industry since he was 15 years old, working part time at Arrow Printing in the bindery department. After graduating high school, Sewell started at Post Press Specialties working part time to pay his way through college and then full time after earning his Associate of Arts degree. He did a little bit of everything at Post Press Specialties including machine operator, shipping, reception, customer service and eventually found his calling in sales. Sewell held the position of outside sales rep for Priority Envelope for 2 years before returning to Post Press Specialties as Sales Manager.

“It’s a broad spectrum of experiences,” he said. “Customers become part of my circle and I don’t want to let them down. If you’re in sales, you relate to people at different levels and the more experience you have, the easier it is, because you can quickly find common ground.”

Sewell has been a vendor for commercial printers throughout the Mid-West for the past 15 years, and during that time he formed valuable relationships with the employees of NextPage. And now, after selling to them for years, he finally joins the NextPage family to sell for them.

“Print is more than offering someone a single printing piece,” he said. “You have to be a solutions provider. NextPage is exciting because of the extensive array of printing technology.  Add to that the dedicated people are focused on truly leading the industry in all areas – this place is truly revolutionizing the industry.”  Sam goes on to share, “I’m excited to show my clients how we deliver “more than print” by taking the physical ink on paper and integrating that sheet with amazing finishing capabilities and finally the multi-channel marketing tools available to extend the reach of that one sheet.  It is all very exciting to me.”

Sewell is a natural fit at NextPage and will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our team.

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