Marketing Automation

Build Relationships with Your Customers

You want to increase your lead conversion rates, sales revenue and customer lifetime value. You may have invested in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  But what you really need is NextPage’s marketing automation solution.

We’ve created a highly flexible solution that can adapt to the unique structure and needs of your business. Connect to our marketing automation engine and adjust our solution to fit the unique structure and needs of your business.

Increase Sales. Your CRM System + Our Marketing Automation  

If you’ve invested in a CRM System, it’s time it started paying you back. NextPage can turn your CRM system into a profit-driving communications portal. Your automated marketing campaigns are integrated directly with your CRM system, allowing your sales and marketing users to initiate multi-channel marketing campaigns directly from their CRM screen.

No CRM system? No worries. NextPage’s online marketing campaign management system helps marketers and salespeople efficiently send direct mail campaigns and email campaigns to individual contacts or lists of leads and clients.

From lead generation and nurturing through customer retention and win-back, NextPage’s marketing and automation systems can help your company dramatically increase the revenue and profitability of each of your sales and marketing initiatives.

Keep in Constant Contact

NextPage’s breakthrough auto-trigger technology uses your contacts’ behaviors and status indicators to automatically initiate relevant communications. Here are some common uses:

When your contact: NextPage automatically:
Subscribes to your blog Emails follow-up
Visits trade show booth Sends product brochure
Makes first purchase Initiates retention campaign
Abandons shopping cart Emails a special offer
Celebrates a birthday Sends personalized card

Contact NextPage online to schedule a marketing automation consultation or call us at 1.800.660.0108.