IP targeting is a method of digital marketing that involves targeting consumers using their IP address and delivering online advertisements accordingly. With our IP Targeting services, you can target the exact audience for your brand based on their physical address and put your advertisements directly in their line of sight. Not only does IP Targeting help increase exposure to your campaign, but it also provides a pathway for conversions.

An IP address is the numerical label assigned to every device that is connected to a particular computer network, and is used for network interface identification, and location addressing. Your computer, smartphone, iPad and laptop all have a unique IP address. Contact NextPage today to learn more about how IP Targeting can work for you.


IP Targeting services

IP Address Targeting

IP targeting uses a special algorithm to match the physical address of a resident to the IP address on the resident’s computer allowing for delivery of targeted digital ads.


IP Targeting is called the “postman of the internet”, because you can use this product to enhance a direct mail campaign with digital ads delivered to the same addresses. The digital ads combined with the direct mail piece can increase conversions up to 200% more than using direct mail alone.

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