At NextPage, we have helped transform the world of direct mail advertising. Our mission is to be creators of smart, efficient, one-to-one, brand-to-human connections.

No longer must the same static message be sent to every customer on your mailing list. Instead, direct mail advertising uses big data and variable data printing (VDP) by NextPage to allow a business to completely tailor the content of their mailing to each individual customer. With NextPage managing your email lists and applying data management and VDP best practices, your response rates, along with your ROI, will increase.


A high value direct mail campaign is mail that is enhanced with carefully personalized graphics, or it may be dimensional mail that a recipient is excited to open.  Whatever your budget, NextPage direct mail services will create a campaign that exceeds your goals.


There are at least three types of contacts in every database — those that don’t know you, those that know you and maybe buy from you and those recipients that are really valuable to your organization.  At NextPage we are experts at understanding these differences, by segmenting your lists and directing the right messaging to these top tier contacts with a high value direct mail.


To create the best opportunity to attract new customers to your business, you need to connect where and how the customer wants to connect.  That means the most successful campaigns are a combination of creative direct mail, email, and targeted online ads.  NextPage creates integrated campaigns that dramatically increase awareness and improve response rates.

Direct Mail Success

What Color Envelopes get the Highest ROI in Direct Mail?

When someone says the word “growth” to you, do you picture a certain color such as green (for monetary growth)? If so, you are not the only one as “growth” is one of the most common words associated with the color green. Colors have the power of suggestion and that...

Benefits of Direct Mail in Healthcare Marketing

Benefits of Direct Mail in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare direct mail is still a popular direct mail marketing option. Healthcare marketing experts are turning to technology for a number of benefits related to sending direct mailers. These direct mail pieces allow marketers to take advantage of the scale,...

How Shape-cut Envelopes Create High Value Direct Mail

How Shape-cut Envelopes Create High Value Direct Mail

The use of shape-cut envelopes continues to grow in popularity as companies enjoy having the choice of custom envelopes that can help them stand out from the competition. The design and creation of unique direct mail envelopes is essential to increasing response...

Are Paper Prices Going Up? 2023 Trends.

Are Paper Prices Going Up? 2023 Trends

Over the past twelve (or more) months, the print industry has had to deal with paper prices going up along with increasing labor costs and higher postage costs. Each of these factors has contributed to paper price increases over the last year and it looks like the...

Direct Mail Automation: Take Campaigns to the Next Level

Direct Mail Automation: Take Campaigns to the Next Level

Marketing automation has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with customers as well as save time and money on manpower. The growing ability to easily connect with consumers in a quick manner through online marketing platforms has proven to have...

QR Code Usage in 2022

QR Code Usage in 2022

While QR codes have always been popular, they came back into the public eye in a big way as businesses adapted to COVID precautions in 2020. These codes were used to cut down on close interactions between people so they could remain six feet apart. The use of...

10 Hot Summer Promotional Products For Businesses

10 Hot Summer Promotional Products For Businesses

There is an old song lyric that goes “Summertime and the livin’ is easy.” One of the ways you can make the summer easy and enjoyable for consumers is custom summer promotional items that spotlight your logo and branding message. The summer heat is here and that...

Tips for Making Print Patient Education Materials More Effective

Tips for Making Print Patient Education Materials More Effective

Medical marketing can be a challenge as print materials for medical advertising require more information than other types of industries. Patients want to know the services you provide whether they are surgical, pediatric care or medical imaging. They also want to...


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