Maximizing Your Multi-Channel Marketing Experience

NextPage CEO Gina Danner discusses such topics as what are the available marketing channels to use, how to make sure the they integrate correctly to get the best and most efficient results, as well as go over a few case studies.

How to Increase Year-End Giving Campaign Donations Using IP Targeting

NextPage marketing director Joel Hornbostel presents how using IP Targeting with direct mail can help boost donation rates for year-end giving campaigns.

Lawrence Azerrad: Design + Music

In this special seminar, renowned graphic designer Lawrence Azerrad takes us on a journey of the design music connection, sharing work and stories from the field, and will lead us through some of the findings of the Design+Music program, examining how we discover music, our connection to music today and why the visual context matters.

How Direct Mail is Still the Best Choice for Your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts

Erica Waasdorp from A Direct Solution shows the benefits of using direct mail to not only grow your donor base, but also to create a monthly giving ‘machine’. Learn why direct mail is the most effective medium for fundraising, how to develop a direct mail plan, and the essential elements to include to ensure success.

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Joel Hornbostel, Director of Inbound Strategy at NextPage, explains the basics of inbound marketing including how content creation, calls-to-action, SEO optimization and Google search algorithms all work together with your website to deliver qualified leads right to your email in box.

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