Connect Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder to Our Easy-to-Use Direct Mail App

If you work with Journey Builder in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, you can seamlessly integrate with our proprietary direct mail app called StudioDM. We can help you execute direct mail directly from Journey Builder.

Simply select the appropriate actions in your Journey Builder, and connect to automated direct mail and other integrations through StudioDM.

Our automated direct mail marketing solution is essential for reaching potential customers. The specialists at NextPage will assist you in setting up your StudioDM integration to make the process simple and effective.

Room for Improvement

Where marketers are polishing up their content efforts. Are you striving for good, or great, with your content? The majority (77%) of marketers agree that their content marketing is effective, according to Skyword's "2020 Content Marketing Trends" report. However,...

Cultivating Trust

In Deloitte Insights' recently published "2021 Global Marketing Trends" report, the loss of confidence among executives to influence their peers is staggering but not all that surprising. In a world that has become fairly self-oriented, it turns out that the...

Making A Connection

Ask any of today's marketers and they will tell you that the goal of every brand is to make a rational and emotional connection with its community. Because people are emotional animals, when choosing between two similar offerings, the tiebreaker often is how they...

multi-channel marketing seminar

Increase Engagement with Multi-Channel Marketing

On October 25th, we held a Lunch and Learn seminar in our offices entitled Maximizing Your Multi-Channel Marketing Experience, presented by NextPage CEO, Gina Danner. In the seminar Danner discussed what it takes to put together an effective multi-channel...


How to Create an Effective Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, consumers have a myriad of options for every product and service they wish to purchase. Hence, marketers have to rise to the challenge of making their brand stand out from the pack. One effective way to do this is through creating personalized messages...

Will Clickable Paper Replace QR Codes?

Ever since the increased popularity of digital products there has been a desire to create a successful integration of print with digital. QR Codes, those tiny black squares arranged in a grid that allows linking to a URL when used with an imaging device, have...

Why Being Curious is so Important for Today’s Brands

Curiosity may kill the cat, but it can give the marketer nine lives. That’s how Harish Bhat, author of “The Curious Marketer,” sees it. And he’s right: When trying to market your product or services, the bare minimum can be a death sentence. With so many forms of...

Consumers Trust Custom Content More Than Ads According to Study

The power of content continues to make its presence felt. According to Time Inc.’s “How Custom Content Inspires Consumers” study, two in three consumers have greater trust in custom content than traditional advertising. In addition to trust, the study (which...

Celebrating International Print Day 2017

For those of us in the print industry October 18th is a special day marking the return of International Print Day, a 24-hour event that lets like-minded people share their love of print through social media. International Print Day promotes the open sharing of...

10 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Apple [Infographic]

The 10-year-old kid, selling ice cold fresh lemonade on the street corner in your local neighborhood had it right. He or she may not have not realized it but the simple marketing strategy that they accidentally and innocently came up with works perfectly on the...

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