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October 18, 2017

For those of us in the print industry October 18th is a special day marking the return of International Print Day, a 24-hour event that lets like-minded people share their love of print through social media.

International Print Day promotes the open sharing of information within the print marketing community worldwide. It seeks to inform participants about global companies, products, services, and networking opportunities.

The event was founded in 2013 by Deborah Corn of Print Media Centr, who wanted people of the print industry to have a single unifying occasion. IPD encourages anyone who works in the print industry to share their works, favorite samples, and enthusiasm on social media with the hashtag #IPD17. Last year, the IPD hashtag generated 30 million impressions across six continents and they are hoping to break that record.

The theme for IPD 2017 is The Print Experience. Participants can share something about their experience with printing, even if it’s just reading a greeting card, using the second hashtag #PrintUX. They are also launching an augmented reality experience. You can download the exclusive #IPD17 poster off internationalprintday.com and then download the ThruBox mobile app. Hang the poster on the wall and use the app for a one-of-a-kind AR journey. Print long and prosper.

#IPD17 Poster. Download at internationalprintday.org.


Join International Print Day October 18, 2017 by following @IntPrintDay on Twitter and tweeting the hashtags #IPD17 and #PrintUX. Like the Facebook page and visit internationalprintday.org.

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