3 Simple Steps For Social Media Success

As we celebrate National Social Media Day, we are ever mindful of those who are not so fortunate; those who mourn this day as a reminder of their failures; and others, who, sadly, are obtusely unaware of its even existence. Creating a road map to Social Media Success can be the first step in the […]

Repairing A Broken Customer Relationship Part 2

NextPage feels so strongly about our relationship with our customer; we made them the cornerstone of our mission: Mission. We create exceptional experiences by reinventing how our customers engage their customers for better results. We solve problems, mine data and leverage the latest printing and communication technologies to deliver more than ink on paper. By […]

Repairing a Broken Customer Relationship

Maintaining the trust and loyalty of a customer base for over a hundred years is a challenge that very few companies have achieved. Shortly after crossing the century mark, JCPenney faced significant brand damage. The challenge of redeeming a tarnished brand and winning back customer loyalty is more than most companies would be able to […]

You Know it’s Forever When you Choose Print, Part 2 of 2

Print is emotional. It’s a simple fact, paper-based marketing leaves a more lasting impression on the viewer. Scientists have been able to see the different responses to digital or printed materials by conducting functional MRI of the brain. While this is something we’ve known all along, it doesn’t hurt to be able to point to […]

You Know it’s Forever When you Choose Print

Social networks have allowed us to feel connected to things and people from all stages of our lives; talking to ‘friends ‘who exist inside a digital vacuum that we haven’t physically laid eyes on in years. Perhaps it’s those conversations and moments that have given us the perspective to evaluate and appreciate the tactile and […]