Big Data – the Cycle of Life

Recently I turned 50.  The whole year prior, I spent planning a big party in which I could ring in a new half-century in style. I pondered all the things I could do.  I booked a caterer, thought about the guest list and who might attend.  Then with 6 months to go, started having friends […]

Saying Thank You The Right Way

Is your thank you letter meaningful and evoking an emotional response? When was the last time you picked up the phone to thank a customer for their business? If the answer to either of these questions is “I don’t know” then you might be hurting your relationship between you and your customers. Below is a […]

Did You Get your IKEA Catalog?

With technology moving so fast these days, it is hard to imagine that consumers still flip through catalogs. Well, you better believe it. With the new IKEA opening in Kansas City, it has grabbed ears and eyes nation wide, and everyone couldn’t wait for their catalog to arrive. Below are some statistics about catalog shopping, […]

Still The One

Let’s face it, there is a new marketing channel popping up every month it seams like. So why are non-profits sticking to one of the oldest avenues known to marketing? It’s because, direct mail still drives the strongest response rate when asking for donations. See how NextPage helped strengthen a local non-profits’ direct mail program. […]

Summer 2014 NextPage Internship Video

The summer has come to an end and everyone has gone back to school. For the past few months, NextPage has had a handful of summer interns from local Universities. Since it was our FIRST EVER Internship, we wanted a fun and exciting way to document the entire experience. Below is a video that was […]