Mailboxes Don’t Have Spam Filters

Or Delete Buttons Ok, so you know the statistics.   You know that on average, the email marketing open rate is 22-23%. The click rate is less than 5 %. If your business is using this as your primary marketing tool, you may believe that even if they don’t open your email, you are keeping the […]

Amazon Prime Day – A Lesson In Winning the Fail

Amazon Prime Day was’ the shot heard round the world’, what seems to be up for debate, however, is whether or not it was a blank. In case you’re living in a cave (pun intended), check out our summary of Prime Day. Shoppers took to social media early in the day to voice skepticism and frustration […]

Amazon Takes on the World, and Wal-Mart

Amazon has finally gone and done it; they are now powerful enough to have created their own global holiday. As part of its 20th birthday celebration, Amazon has dedicated July 15th as ‘Prime Day’. Billed as a discount shopping event to rival Black Friday, the one-day sale is exclusive to Amazon’s Prime customers; a $99 […]

Winning Loyalty With a Multi-Channel Battle Plan

Creating loyalty and trust in your client base is vital in today’s hyper-competitive buyers market. When comparative research and statistics are just a click away, you have to be able to find a way to stand apart from the competition. Developing a multi-channel marketing plan that includes social media, direct mail, mobile messaging and automated […]

3 Simple Steps For Social Media Success

As we celebrate National Social Media Day, we are ever mindful of those who are not so fortunate; those who mourn this day as a reminder of their failures; and others, who, sadly, are obtusely unaware of its even existence. Creating a road map to Social Media Success can be the first step in the […]