Sustainability and Paper Production

“Save a tree. Do not print this email.” There are lots of reasons to avoid printing a document, but the “save a tree” approach isn’t one of them. Paper is one of the most sustainable products on earth. Paper is made from wood, a natural resource that is renewable and recyclable. Paper can be recycled […]

A Designer’s Guide: Saddle-Stitched Books

Designing a print piece for mass production can be an arduous task. When you’re designing booklets, programs, or pamphlets to be produced in the thousands, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and obsess over every single detail. While you may have a trusty production team to obsess for you, it is still essential to setup up […]

Responsible Production and Paper Use

For more than 2000 years, print on paper has been a valued communications medium, helping us learn, create, and share ideas. Paper also has unique environmental features and helps support the U.S. economy. The demand for responsibly produced paper provides a financial incentive for landowners to keep their land forested and manager it sustainably rather […]

Print Stays Strong

In a recent review of Target Marketing’s 2016 Media Usage Survey we see print continuing to be a strong choice for marketers. 1. Digital Media Continues to Grow. When asked about future investment in media:  2. Direct Mail is Still a Strong Choice. 3. Print Maintains a Significant Position in the Budget.  4. Personalization is Increasing. 5. […]

What Does It Mean to be a Pioneer?

I recently received the Pioneer of Direct Marketing Award from the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association. My first thought, “This really is about everyone at NextPage.” My next thought, “Are they saying I’m old?” I love words and I love the Dictionary. Whenever I wonder what a word really means, I hear my daddy say, […]