Don’t Mess With the USPS

Not everyone in the printing business offers mailing services and some that do have only recently added mailing to their capabilities. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, make sure that you choose a printer that has experience and expertise in mailing. As you can see in this article from Target Marketing, a small […]

How a 200 Year-Old Shipping Tool Can Help You Get More Customers

Have you ever watched a cruise ship come into dock? If you have, maybe you noticed those huge ropes that the crew uses to tie down the vessel. These bowlines are as thick as your arm, and they’re pretty heavy. There’s a big potential problem when you’re dealing with ropes of that size. You need […]

Spray and Pray is Dying

We have a term around here called “spray and pray”. It applies to the strategy of blasting out direct mail to a large group of recipients with no special targeting (spray) and then hoping that some of the folks that got the piece are actually interested in the offer (pray). While it mostly applies to […]

Remove Internal Roadblocks at Your Company part 2

This is the second in a two part series about “silos” within organizations and how to eliminate them for the greater good. I love this quote from Karyn Greenstreet, President, The Success Alliance: “ It’s not just about how sales and marketing treats the customer, it’s about how customer service, tech support and even the cleaning staff […]

Remove Internal Roadblocks at Your Company

A recent article in our Connect magazine talked about the negative effect that “Silos” can have on a business.  Patrick Lencioni President of The Table Group summed it up well. “Silos are nothing more than the barriers that exist between departments within an organization, causing people who are supposed to be on the same team […]