Why Your Resume is Probably Obsolete ~ Part 3 of 3

We discussed in Part 2 of this series the critical role data management now plays in the day to day life of the marketing professional. In Part 3 we delve into the seemingly unlikely marriage of the CIO and the CMO. The ‘always-on’ customer has led to massive technological innovation for the management of near […]

Why Your Marketing Resume is Probably Obsolete ~ Part 2 of 3

    As more and more consumer data is being collected the importance of ascertaining what is and is not relevant has become as much art as science. Marketing professionals at every level are being tasked with making sense of mountains of information and helping their companies and customers create action plans based on the […]

The Evolution of Marketing

Why Your Marketing Resume Is Probably Obsolete ~ Part 1 of 3

NextPage is fully aware that the digital age has redefined marketing, and in so doing, created an evolved definition of the role of Chief Marketing Officer. You can almost visualize a ‘March of Progress’ type of illustration. It would begin with Mad Men’s drink holding Don Draper, morph into Darrin Stephens, of Bewitched fame and […]

Change Your Perspective and Change Your World Part 2

At NextPage, we love data, and we think Big Data rocks. For a lot of our customer sometimes the size of those rocks can seem a little crushing. The amount of data we are collecting these days can be overwhelming. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed creating objectives, defining what you are trying […]

Change Your Perspective and Change Your World Part 1

Gathering data and utilizing data are two vastly different things. NextPage understands the need for Big Data and correspondingly knows how to help our clients develop that same information into a strategy. This piece, originally published last year in our Connect magazine, is Part 1 of a 2 Part series on changing your perspective on […]