What is Your Plan for a “Mysterious” Market?

The chairman of Standard and Poor’s Index Committee, David Blitzer, described what the real estate market would look like in 2015 with one word, “Mysterious.” For professionals making their living off of the success of the Real Estate market, this probably wasn’t the most reassuring word. A few synonyms for the word ‘mysterious’: secretive, enigmatic, […]

When Sending an Email is Worse Than Not

Marketing Automation is a Wonderful Tool Marketing automation can save you time, and it allows you to reach out to prospects in an individual way that you would never have time to do without automation tools. Sometimes. The convenience and affordability of automated email marketing are indisputable so why only sometimes? Like all forms of […]

How It’s Made: Paper

  If you know me, you know I love learning more about the manufacturing process. In fact, one of my favorite TV shows is, “How’s It Made.” Several years ago I was given the opportunity to visit a paper mill and actually got to see paper being manufactured. It is so fascinating to learn that […]

Mailboxes Don’t Have Spam Filters

Or Delete Buttons Ok, so you know the statistics.   You know that on average, the email marketing open rate is 22-23%. The click rate is less than 5 %. If your business is using this as your primary marketing tool, you may believe that even if they don’t open your email, you are keeping the […]

Amazon Prime Day – A Lesson In Winning the Fail

Amazon Prime Day was’ the shot heard round the world’, what seems to be up for debate, however, is whether or not it was a blank. In case you’re living in a cave (pun intended), check out our summary of Prime Day. Shoppers took to social media early in the day to voice skepticism and frustration […]