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April 29, 2015

Kansas City, MO, Apr 29, 2015 – NextPage is making good on its promise of leveraging the latest printing tools and technologies in order to redefine the printing industry in our region. NextPage announces the acquisition of Print Big Solutions, its third procurement in the last two years.  Joe Duffy, President and owner, of Print Big shares this insight “I am very excited about the opportunity for the clients and employees of Print Big.  The leadership team at NextPage truly sees the future of the printing industry and is delivering on their promise to ‘redefine print in this region’.”

“Joe and his team have created a great company in Print Big. One that has provided great leadership for over 18 years,” shares Gina Danner, CEO of NextPage. “Print Big is a trusted brand in the large format printing arena.  The reality that Joe Duffy thought NextPage offered the best opportunity for clients and employees is something we take great pride in.”

Duffy shares additional insight, “NextPage is committed to the acquisition of the newest and most technologically advanced equipment that not only supports our current customers, but provides MORE. With their continued investment strategy and active leadership, NextPage is the place to be if you are in the marketing or printing industry.  I’m excited NextPage will be able to lead Print Big clients to the next evolution of marketing service in a seamless and well-planned manner.  Plus, the desire of the NextPage team to create a smooth transition for our clients AND the intentional growth planning they have is something that the marketing and advertising community should support.”

Danner shares additional insight, “The printing industry in Kansas City must evolve. I’m proud that NextPage is driving that evolution. The addition of Print Big to our family is just the latest move. Over the last 24 months, our team has merged three companies (now four), expanded our plant, consolidated operations in a single state of the art production facility, renamed our organization, invested millions of dollars in new technology and completed an office and plant remodel that will support our growth in the years to come.   With the addition of Print Big we will be expanding our facility again in the Hunt Midwest Subtropolis. I’m extremely proud of our team and look forward to the future.”

About NextPage:

NextPage combines the best of technology, talent and service from within the printing and marketing arena. The company specializes in the execution and delivery of offset printing, digital printing, data-driven multi-channel direct marketing that includes email, direct mail and social marketing, as well as complex brand marketing collateral. With the addition of Print Big, the company has expanded into the large format printing arena. Owners Eric Danner, Gina Danner, Larry Wittmeyer, Jr. and their leadership team remain focused on redefining print in this region.

Contact: To learn more about NextPage, please contact:
Gina Danner, CEO
8300 NE Underground Dr. Pillar 122
Kansas City, MO, 64161
Office: (816) 459-8404

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