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July 19, 2017

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Kansas City, MO – NextPage announces that Burns Printing, Olathe, KS is joining NextPage.  “All of us at NextPage are excited to announce that Burns Printing will be joining the NextPage team.”  Gina Danner, CEO NextPage goes on to add, “Burns Printing was founded in 1924.  Its current owners John and Diane Burnell have created a great company in Burns Printing and we are thrilled that they are looking to NextPage to help their customers progress to the next evolution of printing at NextPage.”

“We first started talking to Larry Wittmeyer, Jr., Eric Danner and Gina Danner in 2013 when they created NextPage.  We were intrigued with their vision at that time and now are excited to see the evolution come together.”  John Burnell, owner of Burns Printing goes on to add, “Printing is a tough business.  It takes a lot of capital and a lot of vision.  The NextPage leadership team has the total package and sees the value and future of printing.”

Danner shares additional insight, “The NextPage team is committed to the growth of our company and the acquisition of the newest and most technologically advanced equipment that not only supports our current customers, but also those of Burns Printing.  John and Diane have shown a great deal of pride in their company over the years and it is such an honor to be working with the entire Burns Printing team.  Our goal as always is to provide MORE.  With our continuous investment strategy and active leadership, NextPage is solidly focused on the future of the marketing and printing industry.”

Danner goes on to share, “As I’ve said before, the printing industry in Kansas City must evolve.  I’m proud that NextPage is driving that evolution.  Over the last 4 years, NextPage has grown through mergers, acquisitions, equipment expansion, and service offerings.  Our team has merged five companies, expanded our plant three times, consolidated all operations in a single state of the art production facility, rebranded our organization, invested millions of dollars in new technology and completed an office and plant remodel that will support our growth in the years to come.   It’s an honor that John and Diane trust us with their legacy.  They have been great community partners and have run a great business for many years.  It is a special feeling that they look to NextPage to continue serving their clients.”


About NextPage:

NextPage combines the best of technology, talent and service from within the printing and marketing arena.  The company specializes in the execution and delivery of offset printing, digital printing, data-driven multi-channel direct marketing that includes email, direct mail and social marketing, as well as complex brand marketing collateral.  Owners Eric Danner, Gina Danner, Larry Wittmeyer, Jr. and their leadership team remain focused on redefining print in this region.

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