5 Benefits of Incorporating a Multi-Channel Marketing Program


According to a recent report from Digital Doughnut, in partnership with Episerver, 95% of marketers admit that running a multi-channel digital marketing campaign is important to their business.

Incorporating a multi-channel marketing program can greatly enhance your chances of success, and here are 5 great reasons to get started now:

    1. Improved Customer Perception. Customers who see your consistent message across multiple platforms are more loyal and view you as forward thinking.  You’re giving them more touch points and opportunities to engage them with information that is valuable to them.
    2. Better Persona Alignment. All these different channel options allow you to better target specific demographics and behaviors. Some personas are more receptive to communications via channels like Facebook, mobile push notifications, email, or text messages, while others may prefer print, television or phone calls.
    3. Increased Number of Engagement Points. If you’re trying to sell a product, what could be better than having multiple ways to engage and convert a prospective customer? The more paths that lead to a sale, the better the odds of making a sale.
    1. Save money. With proper management of their multi-channel strategy, business owners can find the right mix that will deliver the lowest CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), thus achieving a faster return on their investment.
    2. A Great Way to Collect Data and Analytics. Gaining insight about the buying habits and demographics of your customers can be extremely difficult and expensive, but the more channels you utilize in this system, the easier it is to gain this knowledge and understand their buyer’s journey.

Here are some statistics that also speak to the advantages of using Multi-Channel Marketing:

  • 40% of agency clients in the APAC region get more than a fourth of their e-commerce revenue from mobile, and almost 10% get the majority of their revenue from mobile. Multi-channel marketing has been critical in capturing that revenue. (Econsultancy, How important is multichannel marketing in APAC?)
  • 40% of marketers chose paid search as the top driver of online sales, while 26% say display ads and 18% prefer social media. Multi-channel is the best of all worlds. (Direct Marketing, Multichannel Marketing: Top trends, analysis, news)
  • 50% of multi-channel marketers say they “usually” or “always” hit their financial targets. (CMO by Adobe, Three Issues Hindering Progress In Multichannel Marketing)

You an find these 5 Benefits, plus more helpful information in the NextPage free ebook, An Introduction to Multi-Channel Marketing.