5 Best Practices to Ensure Multi-Channel Marketing Success

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March 28, 2017


There was a time not too long ago when you only needed a few outlets to be able to reach the consumer; a television spot, an ad in the daily newspaper, perhaps a billboard. But in today’s digital and interconnected era there are many ways to grab the attention of the consumer: websites, email, blogs, direct mail, PPC, mobile and much more. Businesses hoping to reach their customers have more options than they probably want, and more questions about how to market effectively than answers. Connecting with your customers using the right channels, and the right message is what multi-channel marketing is all about.

If you are planning on implementing a multi-channel marketing campaign, here are five best practices to make sure you get a good start:

  1. Be consistent with your message. The branding and message needs to be the same across all channels, otherwise the consumer won’t make the connection from previous impressions they may have seen, and your efforts are wasted.
  2. Give the consumer something of value. Customers today control the selling process, so you need to give them a reason to seek your product; don’t just tell them how great you are. They can download free e-books, in-store promotions, or apps.
  3. Know your customer. Dig deep into your Google Analytics, do in-store surveys, create multiple personas as a means to understand the channels your customers will utilize.
  4. Give them multiple touch points. Always encourage your prospects and customers to sign up for emails, engage in social media, and any other type of interaction where you can capture data that can be used later.
  5. Be Fluid. Multi-Channel Marketing is always changing, just as your customers’ needs and wants change. Don’t be afraid to add or replace a channel to get your desired results. However, you also need to be patient; success doesn’t come overnight.

With proper execution and preparation, you can reach more potential leads and convert more customers at a lower cost per acquisition than you ever have before using a multi-channel marketing strategy.

You an find these 5 best practices, plus more helpful information in the NextPage free ebook, An Introduction to Multi-Channel Marketing.

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