Thinking of a Vehicle Wrap for your Fleet? What You Should Know Before You Wrap.

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May 9, 2017


Fleet vehicle wraps are least expensive brand advertising available on the market today. You can get up to 40,000 daily brand impressions for what works out to be less than a couple of dollars a day. But to get the most out of your vehicle wrap, you should first find out what your goals are, what designs you think make the most sense in relation to your brand and what graphic designs and logos you have available for use. These will all help your installer come up with the look you want, and get the results you expect. Here’s a checklist you should go through and answer before you talk to an installer:

What is your goal for your vehicle wrap?

  • More website visits?
  • Phone appointments or calls?
  • Foot traffic to your store?

Branding Guidelines

  • Do you have corporate guidelines about logo usage, brand colors, etc.?
  • Will you be using a third party marketing team to provide your logos and imagery?

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5- Second rule for graphic images on a vehicle wrap

  • Do you have a clean, simple design?
  • Vehicles traveling on the Highway have about 2.5 seconds to get your message, make it easy to read.
  • Blend good marketing design and the art of the wrap to create a simple effective rolling billboard.

Brand recognition is key

  • Does your design/brand message jump out?
  • Display powerful brand messaging. Your company name, tagline, logo and phone and/or website address should be easily seen. Think clean and direct.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors, if they have wrapped vehicles, what do theirs look like?

Photo usage

  • Does the photo convey the brand identity?
  • Use photos judiciously. (With larger vehicles it is easier to use relevant photographic images vs. small vehicles.) i.e.: if you are a Dog Groomer, dog photos, If you are selling hair products, model photos, if you are a landscape company: grass/yard photos. Simple direct image. One is typically the best (or one per side.)
  • Does the photo connect viewers to the company?
  • Would the message be clearer without a picture?
  • Do you have corporate “branded” photos to utilize? For instance, photos potential customers will recognize as “you”? Or do you need stock photography images?

Less is more: (Stand out in the crowd)

  • Is your graphic confusing or cluttered? Visual noise creates confusion.  Clever is good, clutter is not.
  • The message/visual needs to stand out, have impact, be read, absorbed and remembered.
  • If potential customers have to work hard to figure out your brand messaging, it’s a lost prospect.
  • Make sure the message is viewable from a distance.
  • What is the one primary message that you hope the viewer will take away?

These tips and more can be found in our new NextPage free ebook, How to Build Your Brand and Customer Base with a Fleet Vehicle WrapIf you would like more information to see if a vehicle wrap is right for your business, contact the experts here at NextPage, or call them at 816-459-8404.

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