How Triggered Direct Mail Increases ROI
How Triggered Direct Mail Increases ROI

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April 6, 2023

One of the best things about triggered direct mail is that it utilizes a scalable and automated approach to accurately targeting qualified prospects. Triggered direct mail marketing creates amazing results for every brand, business, or organization that runs this direct mail marketing program. 

You don’t have to “be basic” when it comes to this marketing method. The more creativity you put into your plans about the triggered campaign theme and messaging, the better your results will be!

In this article, we define triggered direct mail, share the benefits of triggered direct mail marketing campaigns, and spotlight triggered campaign examples to show you how to use it now.

What Is Triggered Direct Mail?

A trigger based direct mail campaign is when direct mail is sent to recipients who exhibit a behavior you are tracking. The campaign can be viewed as a signal that prioritizes automated outreach to consumers.

Take a look at some of the common triggers that activate direct mail campaigns:

  • A prospect or customer that visits and browses your website
  • A consumer or prospect that calls your office for more information
  • Specific links or pages that a consumer clicks on your website
  • Customer renewals
  • Credit inquiries
  • Consumer purchases (or other shopping activities)
  • Significant life event

Now that we have defined triggered direct mail, here are some ways to increase ROI using a trigger based campaign.

Reduces Labor Costs

Instead of having to manually view the actions customers or prospects take, or having to physically mail the resulting campaign actions on your own, these tasks can be performed automatically which significantly saves on labor.  

With direct mail triggers, you only pay when you send something. Triggered direct mail reduces overall costs and focuses on specific targets who are likely to convert to paying customers. In turn, this improves your ROI and stretches your marketing budget over time.

Combine Online & Offline Data

The combination of both online and offline data provides deeper and more accurate insights into customer behavior from all marketing channels. This in-depth knowledge gives you the ability to make decisions that grow your campaign ROI and revenue. Offline and online data will tell different stories but viewing them together brings the customer journey full circle.

Examples of Triggered Direct Mail

There is really no limit to the type of direct mail that can be sent out in a triggered direct mail campaign. However, we want to share examples of some of the most popular and successful direct mail pieces used in these campaigns:

  • Customer loyalty reminder
  • Reminder of the items left in their cart
  • Seasonal catalogs
  • Refinancing information and offers
  • Welcome postcards

Triggered direct mail increases your campaign ROI, customer numbers, and website revenue. If you are ready to discuss a triggered campaign in the near future, we are ready to chat.

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