How Banks Can Capitalize on New Mover Data & Direct Mail
How Banks Can Capitalize on New Mover Data & Direct Mail

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November 2, 2023

The desire to move to a new home or city is one shared by many members of the public. Banks can capitalize on new mover data as part of their bank marketing efforts. A marketing strategy for banks needs to target the right audience in the right location for the bank. Banks who are using data for new movers are seeing big results. In this article, we will spotlight how a marketing strategy for banks, including direct mail for banks, can help them gain new business and also retain new movers as customers for a long period of time.

New Mover Data for Banks

Banks who are looking for opportunities to acquire new customers can use new mover data to identify and reach new customers. Take a look below to learn how bank marketing benefits from using new mover data:

New Mover Data – What is it?

In general, new mover data is information that is provided by the United States Postal Service as part of the NOCA or National Change of Address listing. If someone is telling the post office they have a new address, it means they have moved and that allows you to target these individuals as part of a marketing strategy for banks.

How Banks Effectively Use New Mover Data 

Once a bank knows that a person is moving, they can take steps to get in front of new movers with information that interests them or is relevant to them. It is important for a person that is moving to learn the benefits of switching to a new local bank including getting a loan for indoor or outdoor renovations as well as how to properly invest for the financial future of their kids.

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Banks

When it comes to marketing strategies for banks, direct mail for banks can create a connection with new movers. The marketing message can speak to moving tasks as well as the pains and opportunities related to the moving process:


Banks can personalize the direct mail experience by adding the name of the recipient or addressing characteristics that are unique to the recipient. The benefit of personalization is that the direct mail message is instantly more relatable to the recipient.

Create a Story or Series

A person will likely not instantly react to a direct mail marketing message. Instead, it usually requires multiple direct mail pieces before they take the desired action. Banks need to create a story or ongoing message with their direct mail in order to get the attention of the recipient and get them interested in the marketing message.

Target the Right Audience

Once you make sure that you are targeting the right audience, your direct mail message should match the desires and needs of those receiving the message.  In other words, If you are targeting people who are in the process of planning a move, your marketing message should match.

Include a Call To Action

Be sure and include a call to action on each piece of your direct mail campaign. A call to action lets the public know what steps you want them to follow in order to interact with your business and become a new customer of the bank.

New mover data helps you acquire new customers and grow your bank client numbers. Call today to get started.

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