How to Manage Effective Patient Marketing Campaigns
How to Manage Effective Patient Marketing Campaigns

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February 22, 2024

In order for healthcare offices to be successful, patient marketing needs to be a primary component of reaching new and existing patients. A patient marketing strategy is performed to identify and attract the business of potential patients along with retaining existing patients through multiple marketing channels. The medical marketing message needs to engage the patient by communicating the benefits of visiting a particular medical office.

Keep reading as we reveal some of the most important reasons for patient marketing along with some of the best marketing platforms for medical providers of any size.

Reasons to Market to Patients

While it seems obvious that medical providers need to market to their patients to keep them informed and engaged with the medical office, there are a number of reasons for medical professionals to create a professional patient marketing strategy.

  • A medical marketing campaign increases the level of visibility medical providers enjoy with prospective patients.
  • An ongoing marketing campaign allows a medical office, hospital, or clinic to share new services, remind patients to take care of annual medical tasks (such as flu shots), and increase aftercare adherence.
  • Patients need to be able to easily find their preferred medical provider so marketing messages can update patients on address changes and/or new office locations.
  • Referral marketing lets medical offices use the recommendations of their existing patients to grow their new patient numbers.

The Best Marketing Channels & Printed Collateral for Medical Providers

There are a handful of effective and successful marketing channels and products available to help medical professionals market to their patients. In this section, we will cover the best marketing platforms to ensure you gain the desired ROI out of your healthcare marketing campaigns.

  • Direct Mail for Healthcare
    Direct mail marketing can target specific customers and households that contain existing patients or members of the public who are likely to need the specific services offered by the doctor. Direct mail is an ideal way to engage patients and increase marketing ROI.
  • Medical Brochures & Catalogs
    Medical brochures and catalogs can be more than clinical text and pictures. Instead, they can be visually engaging along with containing informative and easy to follow text. Medical brochures and catalogs can spotlight a good amount of information that is designed and produced in a unique and visually appealing manner as well as textured to induce tactile engagement.
  • Healthcare Banners & Signs
    Healthcare banners and signs provide added visibility to entice the public to visit a variety of medical facilities such as urgent care facilities, hospitals, testing labs, and private practices. In addition, signage inside your practice can market to your patients so be sure and have well-designed and informative signage and banners in your office.

Want to grow your patient numbers in 2024? Call today to plan your next patient marketing campaign.

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