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Direct Mail Printing

High-Value Direct Mail Printing Brings Results

Digital printing has transformed the world of direct mail advertising.

No longer must the same static messages be sent to every customer on your mailing list. Instead, direct mail advertising uses big data and variable data printing (VDP) by NextPage allows a business to completely tailor the content of their mailing to each individual customer.  With NextPage managing your email lists and applying data management and VDP best practices, your response rates, along with your ROI, will go up.

High-value direct mail services bring results.

There are at least three types of contacts in every database — those that don’t know you, those that know you and maybe buy from you and those recipients that are really valuable to your organization.  At NextPage we are experts at understanding these differences, by segmenting your lists and directing the right messaging to these top tier contacts with a High Value direct mail piece. A high Value direct mail campaign may be mail that is enhanced with carefully personalized graphics, or it may be dimensional mail that a recipient is excited to open.  Whatever your budget, NextPage direct mail services will create a campaign that exceeds your goals.

Multi-Channel marketing brings more opportunity to connect.

To create the best opportunity to attract new customers to your business, you need to connect where and how the customer wants to connect.  That means the most successful campaigns are a combination of creative direct mail, email, and targeted online ads.  NextPage creates integrated campaigns that dramatically increase awareness and improve response rates.

Case Studies

Are you still wasting direct mail dollars by “spraying and praying”?

Find out how data segmentation, personalization, and calls to action can improve your direct mail ROI with this free eBook.

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