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Creative Shape-Cut Envelopes for Unique Mailer Campaigns

Redefine How You Send Direct Mail with Shape-Cut Envelopes

At NextPage, we believe the envelope should get just as much attention as what goes inside of it. It’s the first impression you make. Now you can make the ultimate first impression. We are pleased to offer new shape-cut envelopes that literally take your direct mail outside the box.
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What Makes Our Envelopes Unique?

These envelopes are not sold in stores. NextPage is one of very few printers in America that has the equipment to produce them. We print and convert them in-house and customize them specifically for your direct mail campaign.

The first thing for any successful direct mail campaign is to engage the recipient. So if you can break through the clutter of what they see [in the mail] all the time, aka a white rectangular envelope, by a dynamically printed full-color shape-cut envelope then your recipients will be more interested and you have a better chance to engage them.”

-Gina Danner, NextPage CEO

Push the Envelope With This Free Shape-Cut Envelope e-Kit

Find out how a shape-cut envelope can help you stand out from the crowd and increase direct mail conversions with this free e-kit.

Each shape must be tested and approved by the USPS to ensure they will process through the automated machines without causing jams or stacking problems. Fortunately, NextPage has a set of pre-approved shapes available to you now, round and square. You can use these to draft your design concepts before reviewing them with your account executive.

Download the shape-cut design templates here: EPS | InDesign | IDML | PDF

If you can dream it, NextPage can produce it.

NextPage has secured 6 approved shapes with the US Postal Service as of today. We aren’t going to stop there either, we are working to obtain additional shape approvals. Want to create a custom shape? Call NextPage at 816-459-8404 and ask for your account executive. We will talk through your vision and help you understand the process.

If you can dream it, NextPage is here to help you produce it.


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