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Digital Marketing

From Personalized Email to Multi-Channel Content Creation

Embrace all the technologies.

NextPage recognized a long time ago that in order to be successful in this ever-changing print and digital landscape, we needed to embrace all new technologies and be at the forefront of creating and implementing new products and services. The marriage of digital with print has allowed us to provide more opportunities for our clients to be successful with such time and money saving products like Variable Data Printing and our STUDIO Marketing Communications Portal. And by utilizing a multi-channel strategy with digital products opens up ways to ensure that our clients can reach their customers when and where they need to.

Email Marketing

Complete campaign implementation from list management to multi-channel integration

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IP Targeting

Digital ad delivery by matching IP addresses to physical mailing addresses.

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PURL Landing Pages

URL Landing Pages personalized to your customer’s interests, preferences and buying patterns

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Studio Marketing Portal

Our marketing communications portal for digital asset management

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3D Targeting

Our custom marketing solution combining direct mail, email and digital banner ads

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Learn How to Use IP Targeting For Increased Direct Mail Engagement

Download this free eBook to find out how IP Targeting will help you get up to a 200% lift in your direct mail conversions and creates a one-to-one connection with your customers without using cookies.


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