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Direct Mail Automation

Speed to Proof, Production and Mail with Direct Mail Automation

Eliminate the repetition with automated direct mail.

NextPage’s automated direct mail systems are designed to eliminate the repetitive, manual processes often involved in designing, proofing, printing and delivering direct marketing touches. And, because our print and marketing automation systems are integrated with our Variable Data Printing technology, our process is seamless in producing highly personalized materials along with highly personalized digital pages.

How direct mail marketing automation works.

Template, Asset, and Business Rule Configuration

NextPage collaborates with the client to design and configure a variable data print template in the direct mail marketing automation platform, using data-driven business rules and variable text and image assets.

Secure Data Delivery

NextPage provides protected data delivery using Secure FTP (SFTP) via whitelisted IP Addresses, or via Web Service API.

Automated DataExchange

Client systems deliver data files to NextPage via SFTP or Web Service API. Data files are auto-imported, and an email notification is delivered to the Client.

Back End Print and Mail Production

Once a job is approved and it moves into production, NextPage produces and mails the designated pieces for automated marketing solutions without the hassle.

Automated Return Files

NextPage optionally provides USPS Mailing Statement, return CRM data file, and/or variable recipient PDFs to a designated internal or external secure directory for Client to import.

Final Production and Postage Billing

NextPage’s accounting team emails a designated email address or group of email addresses with a summary PDF invoice and detailed billing report.

Case Studies

Guide to direct mail success

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