Josh Shelton Joins the NextPage Team

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When a true professional says, “I think I’m interested in learning more about your company,” you stop and pay attention.  That was the experience NextPage CEO Gina Danner had when she learned that Josh Shelton wanted to join NextPage as a Senior Account Executive.

Finding great talent is a challenge and to have someone like Josh with his 20 years of experience, say, “I want to join NextPage,” as a business owner you feel you hit the jackpot.  That is how Danner felt when Josh started discussing making a transition to NextPage.

Josh has a great set of clients and the vision to see how NextPage can help his clients carve out more from every marketing dollar they spend.  Josh recently shared this insight with Danner, “What I liked about NextPage was the commitment the company has to driving change for their clients.  Add to that the rich core capabilities of the organization and the fact that there is a solid brand guided by visionary leadership, it really became a clear choice for me.”

Josh has a wonderful pedigree of printing expertise.  He started his career with Hubbell-Tyner, purchased by the George E. Fern Company in 2001, working with clients both local and national to maximize their tradeshow efforts, focusing on creating innovative large format printing experiences for sponsors and exhibitors alike. He then proceeded to expand his experience into sheetfed printing and direct mailing with Boelte-Hall. He has always worked to expand what he can offer his clients and the move to NextPage after 12 years at Boelte-Hall wasn’t an easy decision but one he felt needed to be made.

What most impressed NextPage about with Josh is his high energy nature and his ability to manage the many priorities that a top tier professional in the printing business must manage.  He keeps a steady head when dealing with complex, time consuming, and time constrained projects.  He is always looking for ways to empower his clients and his team members.

We are excited to have Josh on the NextPage team.