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NextPage is proud to welcome the Burns Printing team to our family. Since 1924 the Burns Printing name has meant great service, hard work and a dedication to meeting their clients’ needs. This tradition will continue with NextPage, as well as the continuity of personal contacts, as over 75% of the current employees of Burns Printing will be joining us. This is very important, as we recognize that it’s the people of a company that make the difference.

Here’s NextPage CEO Gina Danner, with a special welcome for all Burns Printing clients and associates:

Current clients of Burns Printing will also enjoy enhanced multi-channel opportunities available to them, including digital and email marketing, large format printing, lead generation, promotional products and our STUDIO marketing portal. At NextPage, we strive to always deliver MORE. By using the latest printing and communications technologies, we can deliver more than ink on paper.

Print and Mail

Full service print Solutions from variable data printing to large format

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Brand Asset Management

Building, protecting and organizing your brand elements and collateral

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Structured interaction with customers across multiple platforms

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Large Format Printing

Unique branding options when you need it big and bold

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Digital Marketing

From personalized emails and URLs to database marketing

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STUDIO Marketing Portal

Our marketing communications portal for digital asset management

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Lead Generation

Marketing automation using inbound marketing and analytics reporting

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Promotional Products

Enhance your brand, build awareness or promote a cause

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