Seminar-How to Increase Year-End Giving Campaign Donations Using IP Targeting

NextPage marketing director Joel Hornbostel presents how using IP Targeting with direct mail can help boost donation rates for year-end giving campaigns.

Seminar-Lawrence Azerrad: Design + Music

In this special seminar, renowned graphic designer Lawrence Azerrad takes us on a journey of the design music connection, sharing work and stories from the field, and will lead us through some of the findings of the Design+Music program, examining how we discover music, our connection to music today and why the visual context matters.

Lawrence Azarad

Seminar – How Direct Mail is Still the Best Choice for Your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts

Erica Waasdorp from A Direct Solution shows the benefits of using direct mail to not only grow your donor base, but also to create a monthly giving ‘machine’. Learn why direct mail is the most effective medium for fundraising, how to develop a direct mail plan, and the essential elements to include to ensure success.

direct mail video

Seminar – Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Joel Hornbostel, Director of Inbound Strategy at NextPage, explains the basics of inbound marketing including how content creation, calls-to-action, SEO optimization and Google search algoryms all work together with your website to deliver qualified leads right to your email in box.

inbound marketing