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Personalize Your Fundraising For A Higher Response Rate

It’s no secret; speak to your audience with personalized messaging that’s relevant to each recipient and you’ll increase the average response rate from 4.46% to 7%.

NextPage makes personalized direct marketing fundraising simple by using your database to produce highly personalized direct marketing, including:

-Donor acquisition and renewal campaigns
-Thank you letters
-Donor receipts
Multi-channel campaigns including mail, email and more

Watch our free seminar, “How Direct Mail is Still the Best Choice for Your Non profit Fundraising Efforts”

Learn why direct mail is the most effective medium for fundraising, how to develop a direct mail plan, and the essential elements to include to ensure success.

Build Faster, Easier and More Cost Efficient Communications

Use NextPage’s automated printing and direct mailing systems to produce and deliver your personalized communications faster, easier and more cost efficiently.  Building a base of lifetime donors – and thanking them for their continued support – can monopolize the time of your important staff or volunteers.  But NextPage’s automated system and Variable Data Printing eliminates the manual design, printing and mailing process.

Here’s a video discussing how direct mail is still the preferred choice for fundraising:

NextPage’s automated systems helped a local food bank.  We can help you too.

Case Study: NextPage’s Automated Systems Saved Harvesters $5,000Harvesters is a food bank network that serves 26 counties surrounding Kansas City, feeding as many as 66,000 different people per week. To succeed in their mission, Harvesters relies on thousands of individual and corporate donors and volunteers.

With NextPage automated systems, each new donor or volunteer in Harvesters’ database is automatically sent a personalized letter thanking them for their contribution, with additional dynamic information about other upcoming events and opportunities to donate time or money.

NextPage’s automated system allowed Harvesters to express their gratitude and announce ongoing activities more quickly and efficiently. In addition, the direct mail fundraising program saves Harvesters as much as $5,000 in mailing costs each year and many labor hours each week.

Some of Our Non Profit Clients

Guide to direct mail success

Are you still wasting direct mail dollars by “spraying and praying”?

Find out how data segmentation, personalization, and calls to action can improve your ROI with this free ebook.


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