Variable Data Printing makes you stand out from the crowd.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP): Personalized Marketing for a 1 to 1 message

NextPage has been using VDP since the dawn of print.  Seriously, we’ve been doing variable data printing for our clients for two and a half decades –25 years.  We started with the HP toner based printers, advanced to HP Indigo digital presses and then graduated to the HP T200 Inkjet Web. Each step expands our ability to serve the needs of our clients.

Our collection of equipment includes the fastest and most high-tech hardware and software enabling us to produce personalized marketing for multiple channels.  Need VDP? You came to the right place.  NextPage can help you target the right people at the right time with the right page.

Traditional VDP drives response rates 3-10 times higher than traditional (static) direct mail campaigns. How? The answer is Personalization.  Direct mail that uses unique content specific to each recipient captures attention and drives a response. Speaking to recipients personally, using text, imagery and offers customized to their specific needs and desires, triggers an emotional response.

Let NextPage deploy your next traditional VDP initiative and you’ll experience:

  • Improved order sizes
  • Decreased cost per response
  • Increased repeat business

Advanced VDP crosses into digital platforms yielding true 1 to 1 campaigns.  It’s evident that traditional VDP yields results.  But imagine what happens when you take personalization to the next level.  NextPage can use your data to create:

NextPage – your expert leader in Variable Data Printing.  Your marketing plan deserves a highly targeted multi-channel direct marketing campaign. From our HP Indigo presses and the assurance of your printed branded messaging (G7 Master Printer) to the latest technology systems and platforms, NextPage offers more than print, we offer solutions.