QR Code Usage in 2022
QR Code Usage in 2022

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July 28, 2022

While QR codes have always been popular, they came back into the public eye in a big way as businesses adapted to COVID precautions in 2020. These codes were used to cut down on close interactions between people so they could remain six feet apart. The use of static QR codes and dynamic QR codes remains relevant in 2022 and will likely continue in the future. 

This smart tech-tool created opportunities for business owners to utilize QR codes as a preventive tool at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and into the present as the world continues to try and get used to the “new normal”. QR codes were used for various services in both public and private industries and this was particularly true in the business and nonprofit worlds. In fact, the use of QR codes grew quickly for contactless payment options, no-touch menus, the raising of funds for charities through digital donations and contactless registration (to name a few). 

People are still using them so let’s take a look at the different types of QR codes and list some ideas for ways to use them for the rest of the year.  

Two types of QR codes: Static vs. Dynamic QR

A static QR Code is a type of code that, once it is generated, cannot be overwritten so it is able to store information that cannot be edited. Static QR codes are  often used in situations where the information delivered by the code does not need to be updated or it is used for a one-off promotional campaign. You can use static QR codes for your own personal use if you don’t have any need to edit the content and/or track campaign metrics. These codes are also an ideal choice when you need to provide detailed information at events or during marketing campaigns that are only happening one time. The stored data cannot be edited or altered so you would have to create a new QR Code to update the information.

A dynamic QR Code is one that can be edited as many times as necessary without having to reprint or redeploy the code. The changes you make in the edits can include small details or you can change the entire URL (if necessary). Dynamic QR codes give you the ability to track information that is pertinent to the campaign such as the number of scans or the number of operating systems that are used. You can use this type of code to convert potential leads who scanned it but have not performed the desired action yet (through online retargeting on Google and Facebook).

How Businesses are Using QR Codes

Business of all sizes and types are using QR codes in a variety of ways including:

  • Website QR Code

The placement of your QR Code on items such as flyers, brochures, and billboards can lead your customers to your regular website or to a custom promotional website. The ability to scan the code saves the public the trouble of searching for your website.

  • Email QR Code

An email QR Code lets customers automatically send an email to your desired email address without them having to get the email address or type the email itself. You can simply set-up a recipient email address and also create the body of the email.

  • SMS QR Code

An SMS QR Code contains both your phone number and a pre-written text message. Customers scan the code in order to be redirected to a text message with your phone number along with a message that has been written and is ready to be sent.

  • Text QR Code

This type of QR code means exactly what the name says. You can display simple text, a serial number or a code for a coupon with a text QR code.

  • vCard QR Code

This is a code that simplifies the process of sharing your contact information with the public. You create a vCard by filling in the relevant contact information and linking it to a QR Code. When customers scan the QR Code, they will gain instant access to your contact info.

  • Wifi QR Code

A Wifi QR code makes the process of getting the necessary Wifi credentials easy for customers. The QR code is scanned and then the Wifi credentials are automatically saved on the device of the customer.

The use of QR codes will continue through 2022 (and beyond) and NextPage is ready to help you find the best QR code for your campaign.

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