Print Campaign Ideas for the First Quarter
Print Campaign Ideas for the First Quarter

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December 29, 2022

As the holidays bring 2022 to a close (boo!), it is time to start planning your Q1 print campaign ideas (yes!). The first quarter of 2023 includes New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day which means there is no shortage of Q1 marketing ideas on the table. Whether you want to launch a product in the new year, help customers keep their resolutions or plan an action campaign meant to engage customers after the holidays, NextPage can bring your ideas to life with high-quality print marketing materials. Check out these first quarter campaign ideas that can boost sales at the start of 2023.

New Year, New Product Promotion

The New Year is a time of beginnings so you can encourage customers to try your new product or you can promote an existing product they might not have sampled in the past. The tagline, “New Year, New [Name of Product or Service]” works for a variety of industries. For example, a hair salon or fitness center can put up banners with the phrase, “New Year, New Look” and offer a discount on a new cut and color or gym membership through a complementary direct mail campaign. A coffee shop can introduce a new blend with custom packaging featuring the “New Year, New Coffee” tag. Custom product packaging can include a section that explains the new blend or offer a special on the first purchase of the item with custom postcards. Or consider offering a bundle of services that lets customers try many services at a reduced rate using a coupon booklet. 

Consider your Customers Journey Through the Holidays

It is important to remember where customers are on their personal journey through this season! Right after Christmas, they might still be in the mood for family and togetherness. Once New Year’s Day has passed, they might be leaning towards personal development, long-term strategies, and setting professional goals. Design your campaign with their goals in mind and offer solutions to meet those goals. 

  • A financial planner can share that over 360M is spent on New Year’s. Remind potential clients with a billboard campaign that some of that money can go towards setting up a 401K for retirement in the future.
  • A real estate agent can talk about how many down payments can be paid with that kind of money through a door hanger campaign.
  • A personal coach can suggest skipping the champagne and extra calories with a postcard campaign sent to their clients.

Try an Action Campaign to Bring in the New Year

Boost your business by including a call to action in your Q1 marketing ideas. With an eye-catching ad and a compelling call to action (CTA), you can inspire your customers to respond to a promotion or get more information about a new product or service. This tactic makes a direct impact on the growth of your business leads and new sales.

  • Promote a special event – Design an action campaign that encourages consumers to ask for more details about the event. Give them information about the time, date, and location of your event and how they can be a part of it (such as registering for the event). Use radio ads and print marketing to create excitement about the event. 
  • Drive website traffic – Use radio and digital ads that convey a sense of urgency and encourage consumers to visit your website to take advantage of a limited time offer. Provide a hard to resist incentive and ensure your URL or phone number is easy to remember in the ads. Use a triggered direct mail campaign to welcome first time visitors to the site and qr codes in all print media to track how many people visited the site because of your print campaign. 
  • Increase lead generation – A social media campaign focused on a contest or giveaway can generate leads. Encourage listeners to visit your social media pages for a chance to enter and win. Collect addresses during the sweepstakes and send a discounted offer on a printed post card to all the people who entered but didn’t win. Use variable data to personalize the post cards to increase engagement.    
  • Launching a new product or service – An action campaign can point your audience in the right direction to get more information about your new service or product. Use print products to direct them to your physical store, your website and your social media pages. Use variable data printing to include a map on direct mail pieces showing the quickest route to your store. Let them see a demonstration of your new product or service either in person or on your website and social media platforms.
  • Promotions – Encourage consumers to “Act Now” for promotions and special offers such as a discount, buy-one-get-one-free, or a limited time product. 

Each of these action campaigns has the goal of influencing your audience to take some kind of action. Remember that most action campaigns are time-sensitive, so encourage your audience to take action now! Call NextPage to get started on your Q1 print campaign ideas today!  

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