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November 24, 2010

I’m sure many of you are participating in one of the many “Be Thankful Challenges” that are widespread through social networks.  My observation of these powerful expressions of gratitude leads me to ponder the business side of the Thankful Challenge.

I have always believed that to truly know what’s good for business; you must know what’s bad. The economic turmoil of the past few years has given us plenty of opportunities to see the bad and realize the good.

Here’s my list of reasons why business should be thankful:

  1. Reclaiming gratitude for tried and true loyal customers and suppliers.
  2. Faithful employees who have never wavered, even when the previous roaring economy beckoned them.
  3. Refocusing on the meaningful aspects of life and not just materials things.  This applies not only at home, but in the workplace too.
  4. Finding strength and intelligence, we would never have found if we didn’t have to.
  5. Forced improvement, on both organization-wide and individual levels.
  6. Knowing that some things, like humor, love, and friendship, are unstoppable in any circumstance.

Although I believe that economic challenges have brought forward many good things, my heart goes out to those who have had the harrowing experience of job loss.  I hope that we have all learned from their misfortune.

To summarize, I am thankful for the challenges and lessons we are learning.  I have faith that with perseverance the business community will emerge stronger and better equipped to compete in a global economy than ever before.

Happy Thanksgiving from NextPage.

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