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May 19, 2011

Although the US Postal Service has made some questionable moves in the past few years, I can say with certainty that their Summer QR Code promotion is one of the smartest moves they’ve made in years. And it is simple, easy to understand, and available to most types of marketing mail.  Score!

Any Quantity of First Class, Standard Class or Non-Profit Mailings Qualify

Basically any quantity of mailings that meet the normal USPS bulk mailing requirements and include a 2-D mobile bar code will qualify for a 3% postage discount.  The code must be marketing and advertising related and be for the product or service being promoted in the mailing.  First class, standard class and non-profit mail can qualify.  Here’s a good FAQ guide if you want the specifics.

Take Advantage from July 1 through August 31

You can take advantage of the promotion as many times as you would like from July 1 through August 31, 2011.  The USPS even acknowledges that they don’t anticipate this to increase mail volume, but to get current mailers to do a better job of conducting integrated marketing by using direct mail to encourage mobile and online interaction. So what are you waiting for?  This is free money for something you should be doing anyway!

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