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June 8, 2011

Personalized QR Codes offer a highly interactive and personal way to interact with your target audience.  Strategically, a personalized QR Code is a slightly different experience from pushing a text message to a group of recipients.  The QR Code gives the recipient the power to decide if they want to engage with your company using their mobile device.  Your initial marketing message has to be spot on and have a clear, valid, and appealing call to action.

Side note:  if you need background information on Personalized QR Codes, review “Catapult Your Direct Marketing with Personalized QR Codes.

Advance Engagement With a Great User Experience and Strong Call to Action

Just as important as the method of getting a prospect or customer to a personalized site is the content and call to action on the PURL. Here are some ways you can use personalized QR Code campaigns to drive real marketing results:

  • Pre-populate landing page forms to improve the user experience and completion rate:
    • Enter a contest, drawing or sweepstakes
    • Ask for a phone call or meeting
    • Request additional information
    • Make a purchase
    • Register for webinars or seminars
    • RSVP for events
  • Deliver targeted offers:
    • Vary the amount of a discount based upon the value of the customer, segmentation or profile
    • Utilize unique promo codes to track redemption on an individual basis
    • Adjust expiration dates based upon when the personalized QR Code is scanned
  • Push contact information to the mobile device:
    • Instead of using generic contact info, include customized data and photos for each visitor’s dedicated sales rep or customer service contact
    • Make it easy for recipients to save contact information to their mobile device
    • Provide “click to dial” and “click to email” for immediate response from the mobile device
  • Engage customers on a new level:
    • Quickly poll or survey customers on a recent experience
    • Enroll in an e-newsletter
    • Sign up for your blog
    • Deliver engaging video
  • Make purchasing faster and easier:
    • Route customers to a product purchase page with their personalized offer applied
  • Go viral:
    • Provide links for visitors to share their PURL (Personalized URL)or offer with other potential customers via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

When you apply segmentation, profiling, and other targeting tools, you can tailor both the initial experience and the online event to improve intrigue, engagement, and the connection you foster between your company and the recipient.  And that’s really what it is all about… making the recipient feel as if they are “the one” you are connecting with… not that they are “one of many” you randomly sent an advertising message.

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