Why Should You Care that NextPage Got an Operational Seal of Approval?

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September 5, 2012

The American Institute of CPAs awarded NextPage (formerly Mail Print) its seal of approval for operational and system controls this summer. Before I lose you, let me tell you why this endorsement is a huge deal and impacts the way we do business together.

Data is often time the most valuable asset a company can own. Security and data privacy policies work to protect your customers from an accidental compromise of their sensitive information and adherence to strict regulatory laws. Keeping data secure can be costly, time consuming and a worry for companies that work with this type of information. A data breach can be a threat to an organization’s business, as well as to the personal lives of their consumers.

As a data-driven business, 85% of the files we print come directly off our client’s servers vs. being walked into our office on a portable file. Mail Print takes seriously the efforts of operating secure, safe, and efficient processes – especially since we are directly tapped into the servers of many of our clients. So to stay ahead of the risks associated with facility security, information systems, data communications, server integrity, and environmental controls, we voluntarily participated and paid for this third-party audit.

By having “all eyes” examine the general controls supporting our direct marketing and printing services, you can be assured that when working with us you will not receive a corrupt file, be exposed to a data breach, lost data, or delays in production because of risks we should have known about and addressed.

You Can Trust Us with Your Proprietary Information

Because the company pulls proprietary data directly from many of its hospitality, healthcare, nonprofit, and retail clients, we are particularly cautious. Mail Print allocates a percentage of their annual budget to ensure all systems are in place to secure the data and meet its customer’s deadlines.

“Our successful audit validates that we make the handling and security of customer data a top priority,” says COO Eric Danner. “We are one of the few in our industry that annually invest in third-party audits to scrutinize our processes, people and systems.”

Key findings of the audit Mail Print’s SOC1-SSAE 16 Type II Audit were:

Audit FindingsWhat it Means to You
All servers and workstations use anti-virus protection, which conducts routine scans.You’ll never have to worry about corrupt files.
Critical company data is backed up, redundantly, from computers, workstations, shipping machines and presses.You’ll never have to worry about lost data.
Data classification methodology is used to identify and classify sensitive data in the production processWe process but don’t look at sensitive data such as health care info or financial data.
Encryption methods are in place and utilized for processing and storing of sensitive data such as credit card and HIPAA-protected informationHacking won’t be a problem.
Our office is secure and employees are heavily screened and hired based on performance and ethicsYou’ll be working with stand up people.

Feel better? We know we do.

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