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August 20, 2013

The five senses are a powerful force. If you want to really reach out and ‘touch’ your customers with your brand, sensory branding is NOT something to put to the side. If you are ready to market your brand, products, and/or services, sensory branding should be utilized immediately.

Without our five senses we wouldn’t know what life was. When you go to a website, what makes you stay there? The information? Sometimes…but even more so, the colors, the design, and the way it makes you feel is what causes you to stick around. Whether it’s a website, a business card, a newsletter, or a memo, in order to pick it up and really read it, the design must appeal to your senses.

Bold Colors and Designs

Bold and bright colors will get a client’s attention, and poorly designed black and white won’t do much . A raised logo on letterhead with accompanying designs that match your company’s brand is just what you need to make the statement that cries out, “Touch me.  I’m engaging.”

Getting your clients to experience your brand in visually is one aspect of an engaging brand. Getting your brand deeply embedded into their psyche so they will continue buying it is the true goal. We are emotional beings and there is no way around that. Colors exhibit a certain feeling, an aura if you will. Colors trigger an emotional reaction that will help the client desire your product or service above all others. They will remember your brand.

Cementing Your Brand

Not every brand and logo has to be extreme. Simplicity is fine, and is sometimes the best way to go. Yet, if you don’t use color, even in a regular newsletter, it may not get the attention it deserves. Information is constantly being thrown at us from every direction. We don’t always have the time to look at everything. Your clients may not even give your advertisement, newsletter, or website another chance if you don’t use sensory branding.

Another important idea to remember is to use at least two sensory experiences when creating your brand image through sensory branding. Combining colors with scents, sounds, or word pictures will cement your logo and brand in your clients’ minds. Word pictures are elaborate, and interesting combinations of words or quotes that will bring your company’s branding to life.


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