5 Steps to Owning Thought Leadership

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January 31, 2014

Former presidential campaign spokesperson and branding expert Dorie Clark knows a thing or two about how thought leadership is created through exciting and relevant content. here are her five tips for branding yourself as a leader.

Step #1: Start a Blog
It’s the easiest way to demonstrate clear expertise.

Step #2: Start a Video Blog
Video is prioritized by search engines (and as broadband has become ubiquitous, customers often prefer it).

Step #3: Create a Schedule
Content creation often slips, as more urgent business needs take over your day. Build a schedule to make it happen.

Step #4: Leverage Twitter
It’s a great way to publicly acknowledge your customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders by sharing their content or giving shout-outs.

Step #5: Make it the Responsibility of Everyone in your Company
Sure, it’s great to have a “voice” for your Twitter account. But you should get everyone involved in one way or another. For example, film a fun video about what it’s like to work in your warehouse, showing off exactly how efficient the company is and how customers can expect overnight delivery.

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