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June 26, 2014

When graduation approaches, college students are eager to put all they have learned to good use. It is imperative they come out of school ready to take on a job in the “real world.” Internships are a wise option for students looking to gain experience and familiarity with the way their industry works before they are thrown into a full-time job. Graduates who have had an internship have skills and knowledge that set them apart from the competition in the market. NextPage has created its first-ever internship program this summer to aid students in their endeavor to learn more about the way a company runs and what they can bring to the table.

Marketing Intern Moira Cullings chose NextPage because “it offers college credit and presents hands-on experiences that allow the interns to better understand the working world.” NextPage provides interns with several tasks that are designed to teach them more about the industry and build up their portfolios. “It is not the typical lecture-type learning that we as college students have been through the majority of our lives. We receive assignments that truly affect the business as a whole,” Marketing Intern Gavin Hodges says.

Through a variety of projects and assignments, the interns can determine what type of work they personally enjoy the most. Video Productions Intern Jessica Moshier’s favorite project has been the “Joke of the Week.” She says “it allows me to meet more of the employees that work at NextPage, make content that is funny and enjoyable to watch, and work on my editing skills.” For Sam Manuel, the company’s Graphic Design Intern, the best part of the internship is “having the opportunity to work in a realistic business setting.” He is able to work on multiple design projects that will enhance the brand image.

Many students do not know what to expect when embarking on an internship. Video Productions Intern Kyle Lloyd was most surprised that NextPage “allows us to participate in all aspects of the projects, and treats our ideas and opinions with respect.” Kyle remarks that “it’s rewarding knowing that we are able to take ownership with the different projects we work on.” The purpose of the internship is to give students the skills to take away for future use. Marketing Intern Melissa Aube talks about her growth from this program. “This internship has taught me valuable time-management skills and the importance of excelling at multi-tasking. NextPage has given me the confidence that I need to enter the real world and I know I will be successful because of this positive experience”.

At NextPage, the three internship departments have their own individual focuses, but also intertwine to complete various projects. The Marketing Interns have worked on a social media campaign, blogs and a video that illustrates the internship program. The Video Productions Interns focus on shooting and editing short videos, such as the “Joke of the Week” and “Marketing Minutes.” They have also been collaborating with the Marketing Department to complete the internship video. The Graphic Design Intern creates designs to develop and strengthen the company’s brand image. He also works with the Marketing Department to come up with new designs and content for art pieces around the office.

With the intense competition that swarms today’s job market, students with this extra learning experience under their belt will likely have an easier time finding a full-time job. It is something beyond GPA and extra-curricular activities that will separate them from other graduates, and at NextPage we believe we are granting our interns the knowledge and skill sets they need to have success in the business world.

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