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April 23, 2015

Remember books?  I’m talking about the real thing, with pages and writing and front and back covers?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-technology; E-readers are incredibly practical and convenient. However, on a day like today, when I’m thinking about ‘books’ what comes to mind is all the things I love about reading for pleasure, and E-readers do not enter into that equation.

From the very start of deciding which book / story / world you want to engulf yourself into, there’s a very sensory process going on with a real book that just doesn’t have room to exist in a digital download vacuum.  Whether you’re choosing your book from a bookstore or a library there is a multi-dimensional appeal to the senses that highlights the beginning of an adventure.

Remember the smell of a library?  It’s forever embedded in the memory of anyone of a certain age; perhaps the next generation won’t understand the appeal.  From the one of a kind smell to the ritual of picking out your next addicting read, there is a process that can’t be replicated in a virtual world. Picking up book after book, being drawn in by the cover art and then led down a path of anticipation as you read the back cover for exciting tidbits of what the inside holds.

There is another level of the real printed book that the E-reader simply can’t replicate.  It’s the choice of keeping or sharing; being torn between giving the book to your best friend to read because you can’t wait to discuss it, and displaying it proudly amongst your other treasures on your library shelf.  The placement of honor within your personal library gives you the opportunity to re-experience if only for a moment, the world where that book took you.  These are the tiny important details that can only be fully understood by a reader of books and a lover of the printed word.  Happy World Book Day!

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