2015 World Series Lessons In Life and Business

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November 4, 2015


Living in Kansas City you have no choice but to be awestruck and beam with pride over our baseball team. The Royals defied odd after odd, destroyed one statistic after another and kept doing what they do best to bring home the 2015 World Series Commissioner’s Trophy.

The team is exactly that, a TEAM. They worked together and relied on each other’s unique talents to create an unstoppable force.   If you aren’t a baseball fan or didn’t follow the series, here are some of the stats they destroyed, via Sports Center, surrounding their journey to claim the crown.

At various points in the post season the Royals had game win-probabilities of:








Kansas City won each of those games, and in seven of their postseason games, were trailing by multiple runs late in the game.

Converting their winning dynamic, energy and success into life lessons isn’t hard to do. Drawing parallels with the areas of business and marketing is another easy reach. Here are some takeaways from their journey.

They worked together and supported one another. To succeed in business, employees, managers and owners need to pull together and work cohesively to achieve their goals. Having a solid structure of support and understanding creates a dynamic that nurtures growth and creates a path towards victory. Imagine what your team can do when no one fears retribution.

They trusted each other. Although it can be challenging at times, trusting your staff and team to do what they do best, even when you can’t see what they see, is the route to success. Their unique talents are what make them valuable, trusting their instincts allow them to reach their fullest potential.

They worked every angle. Quitting, stopping or waiting for the next game was never an option. Even when we don’t succeed at first, keeping the goal in sight and finding another path to success is the best way to get the win. Even if you strike out or lose a few, learn from your journey and apply those lessons to the next opportunity. So your marketing strategy didn’t give you the ROI you had hoped for, branch out, find another avenue.

They ignored the naysayers. They never allowed critics or analysts to make them doubt their plan. Trust in your team and your vision. Knowing what you can achieve allows you the confidence and clarity to make it happen. Keeping negativity at bay reinforces a positive workplace.

Maintained confidence in the vision. Ned Yost, the Manager, was asked after the second game if the team was more confident in their chances. I paraphrase a bit, but the intent is the same. “We have the same level of confidence we had on day one of spring training. We belong here and are focused on winning.” Does your team have a clear vision of what it means to win?

Kansas City is a proud city, and it goes far beyond the fact that our boys in blue won the World Series.   We are proud of the how they did it, who they are and the lessons they taught all of us, young and old. Come what may, the accomplishments of this team will not soon be forgotten. Here’s to the Kansas City Royals, congratulations and thank you!


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