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January 19, 2017









Companies with lead generation websites can be rather complacent, figuring that eventually, after enough visits, a user will convert by phoning in or submitting a contact form. This may have been the case about 10 years ago, but with online search giving the buyer the advantage in the decision process, websites need to be more than just a digital storefront. They need to be able to attract, convert, close and delight, and do it right from the first visit.

Straight North studied more than 300,000 online sales leads, and uncovered an incredible fact — first-visit users generated 84 percent of the sales leads. In other words, if your website doesn’t turn a passive visitor into an active prospect on the first, the chances of that visitor ever converting drop precipitously. Here’s a slideshow that presents the results of their study and gives some good tips:

How websites are designed is more important now more than ever, and that first impression is vital to success.  You need well written copy, on-page SEO that will help your pages rank high on Google, inbound marketing best practices including strategically placed calls-to-action, landing pages and forms, and be mobile optimized.

Testing and continual updating of your website is also key.  Use Google analytics to monitor where visitors are coming from, time spent, bounce rates and see which pages are getting the most traffic. Perform A/B testing on CTA’s to find out which ones convert better.

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s especially true with websites.

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