6 Ways a Marketing Portal Can Help You Stop The Juggling

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March 9, 2017


If some days you find yourself feeling like a juggler – frantically trying to keep up with all your marketing efforts across multiple locations and using different vendors, then this may be the right time for you to implement a marketing portal for your business. The right portal will allow you to keep a library of branded print and marketing resources accessible by associates, remote offices, distributors and retail locations through password secured accounts. Your associates can order what they need, when they need it, eliminating inventory and distribution headaches. Here are six perks that portals provide:

  1. Multiple Channels- A marketing portal can be designed so any marketing person at any of your locations can design, target and execute a dynamic campaign by direct mail, text, e-mail, and more – with just a few clicks and by using just one vendor.
  2. Brand ConsistencyFerrellgas, a propane distributor with more than 900 locations, struggled with brand consistency prior to its portal because of various designs being created for many different locations often taking 10-business days to execute. Ferrellgas started using a marketing portal that ensured their brand consistency across all their locations and improved their execution time.
  3. Quick Turnaround-Using different vendors for each channel can cause major campaign delays. Corporate approved portals ensure the campaign goes out right and in a tight turnaround.
  4. Customization-Making your marketing materials appear like you are speaking 1-to-1 increases your response. A marketing portal can be customized to handle all of your corporate level marketing as well as satellite, and can allow your user accounts to match the unique structure of your organization whether you are centralized, regional, or location/ franchise-specific.
  5. Targeted Lists-Finding the right audience will vary from location to location. Custom branded marketing portals provide you the option to hone in on the best geography and demographics for maximum response.
  6. Saving Money-By training your key personnel at various locations to work smart through a marketing portal, you can save money in reprints and time in bottlenecks. Ferrellgas is saving more than $80,000 per year, and is also improving the company’s usage and effectiveness of direct marketing by their 900 field locations.

If you would like to know more about how a marketing portal can save you time and money and stop the juggling, check out our Studio Marketing Portal video:

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