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May 2, 2017


I’m a podcast addict. There, I admitted it.

I have a long drive to work every day, and listening to a podcast makes that trip shorter and more enjoyable. I listen to everything from crime mystery (Serial is nothing short of incredible) to interview format (Marc Maron’s WTF sets the standard) and all things in between. For those of you not familiar with podcasts, they’re like radio shows you listen to on your own time from your digital device. You can subscribe to the shows through iTunes or other podcast portals, and you will receive new episodes downloaded automatically. They’re free for the most part, and there are literally thousands of shows available, on every topic imaginable.

For marketing tips, education and trends, here’s 6 of the best podcasts I’ve found to be worth listening to:

  1. Duct Tape Marketing – Let’s start with a local favorite. John Jantsch revolutionized marketing with his book Duct Tape Marketing and his podcast continues to help small business improve their marketing tactics by talking with authors, experts and thought leaders sharing business tips, tactics and resources.
  2. Call to Action – This podcast, produced by Unbounce, is a show that helps digital marketers improve their conversion rates and web traffic, as well as provide tips on PPC marketing, social media best practices, content marketing, landing page optimization, and much more.
  3. Marketing over Coffee – Hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn record their show that’s “at the intersection of marketing and technology” every week in a local coffee shop, and feature topics ranging from SEO and search marketing to “old school” offline marketing campaigns.
  4. Louder than Words – Host John Bonini takes a more inspirational and creative approach to marketing by interviewing interesting people in the worlds of business, art, entrepreneurship and more and discussing their stories of professional growth.
  5. Marketing SmartsMarketingProfs.com is an invaluable resource to marketers and their podcast is no different. Every week they feature in-depth interviews with marketing professionals and deliver insider tips and advice.
  6. PNR with This Old Marketing Podcast – “PNR” stands for Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, the hosts of this podcast as well as the creators of the Content Marketing Institute, another great resource for marketers. Each episode covers content marketing news, rants and raves about the current marketing landscape and examples of content marketing to learn from.

There are dozens more marketing podcasts available, covering topics both broad and specific. And one of the best marketing tips you can receive is that podcasts themselves are great sources of content and should be a part of your marketing plan, along with video, ebooks, infographics and webinars.

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