What Causes Marketers the Most Stress?

Marketing Stress

Quick, what’s the part of your job that gives you the biggest amount of daily stress?  It probably isn’t a surprise that in the life of today’s marketing leader the stress-inducers are, well, everything. A survey done by work management company Workfront and conducted online by MarketingProfs, found that over 60% of marketers are stressed and 25% said they are “overly stressed,” or “stressed to the max.” So what is causing all this stress?

According to a January 2017 Connect Marketing Survey, here’s what marketers say are some of the major factors keeping them on edge.  Sound familiar?


This graphic appears in the new May/June 2017 issue of Connect magazine published by NextPage, which can be found online here. If you would like a free print subscription to Connect, please click here.

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