5 Benefits of Linkedin for B2B Marketing
5 Benefits of Linkedin for B2B Marketing

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December 19, 2017

Since the day LinkedIn was founded in 2003, it has been a great marketing strategy for B2B leads with over 260 million users. LinkedIn is different from other social media because its users are business-oriented within a certain field.

In The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, Jason Miller from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions presented some interesting figures. He says that 65% of companies gained leads from LinkedIn from 2010-2013. A staggering 93% of B2B marketers stated that LinkedIn is effective in creating leads and 50% of its members said they had more trust in companies they interact through the service. Knowing this, here are the benefits of LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

1.  B2B Target Audience For Print is There

Everyone on LinkedIn is there for business communications, which means your B2B target audience for print in B2B marketing is right there and ready to see what you offer. Professionals use LinkedIn for interactive communication while building their brand and reputation, unlike Facebook and Twitter. Your content will be visible since LinkedIn doesn’t have an algorithm like Facebook, which decides what will show up on your connections’ feed. In addition, LinkedIn users are focused on professional opportunities and their attention won’t get lost easily.

Polling by Regalix in 2015 showed that 81% of B2B marketers launch their new products or services through LinkedIn. That’s more than Twitter, Facebook and YouTube combined. Providing ROI is the first sign that LinkedIn presence is effective for new product launch and that you are operating in the target market.

2.  Building a Reputation for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is designed to help business professionals get recognized for their achievements and accomplishments. It is a perfect place to tell your success story, present your brand, and make contact with experts from your field. Since your target audience is there, you can directly address them with the content and maintain active communication with them. This B2B marketing approach helps with building a reputation by positioning yourself as an opinion leader in your field. Trust will come naturally and then your reputation will grow and help you be distinguished amongst your peers.

3.  Building  Business Relationships

Building business relationships helps maintain a constant presence for your brand through sharing content, exchanging messages and interacting with other professionals. The business world is depending on time today and it became a sort of commodity. Instead of scheduling meetings and preparing the effective presentations, your LinkedIn profile will help shorten that whole process and save time.

4.   Linkedin Leads Come Easily

LinkedIn is like a magnet for leads. According to Hubspot, it is 277% more likely than Facebook and Twitter to convert contacts into Linkedin leads. Green Web Marketing reports that failing to increase your business’s internet presence can be fatal, therefore you have to fully optimize the company and its personal profiles through relevant keywords of the products and services you offer.

In Conclusion: Benefits of Linkedin Marketing Are Powerful

The benefits of Linkedin marketing are powerful. LinkedIn is the right platform for any responsible business that wants to flourish. All the tools are developed for facilitating the communication and relations between professional individuals and organizations. Instead of constantly telling your story repeatedly, you can enter all the important aspects in your resume and let others recommend you.

Even though this form of business dealings might be foreign and impersonal, it is actually just what the demanding market needs. It quickens the development and brings the quality service to the customers thanks to the inputs and direct communication between the LinkedIn users.

Guest Blogger – David Koller

David Koller is a passionate blogger and copywriter for Media Gurus, mainly interested in SEO and Digital Marketing.

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