Four Event Signage Options You May Not Know About

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September 11, 2018

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Event signage is a tricky thing in an event’s budget. Attendees don’t know they exist simply because it is part of the event.  And, your signage budget is reduced every year because your boss doesn’t realize the need for it.

On top of that, organizing signage for your event can be a challenging task. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you have your signage supplier ready?
  • If you have a large event and require a lot of signage, does your supplier have the capacity to complete the job on time?
  • Do you have your designs ready?
  • Do you know the materials and finishing options for your signage?
  • Do you have an installer ready?

These are just some of the questions that you need answers to when organizing signage for your event.

With that said, event signage is well worth the time and the effort.

Here is an event with no signage vs an event with full-blown signage:

event graphics

See and feel the difference?

Here are some of the most popular signage options you can use to wow your attendees and thrill your sponsors.

Floor Graphics

floor graphics

Floor (or roadway) graphics are one of the most underutilized signage in an event. Most event planners don’t know they even exist.

Floor graphics are easy to install compared to hanging banners where you might require an installer and a lift truck. Another advantage of floor graphics is they can adhere to nearly all types of surfaces such as roads, floorboards and tiles. Consult your signage supplier on the most suitable material for your particular use case.

One of the common use cases for floor graphics in an event is as a directional signage. This helps to smooth out traffic especially in larger events or venues.

Lastly, double-check that the floor graphics are non-slip. You don’t want your attendees to injure themselves during your event.

Crowd Control Banners

barrier graphics

Crowd control barricades are common in sporting events and competitions. These barricades takes up a lot of space in an event. This presents a huge marketing and branding opportunity for the event and their sponsors.

The most common material for crowd control banners is mesh because mesh consists of multiple tiny holes. The holes in the mesh helps wind to flow through the banner and not add any pressure on the barricade. This prevents the barricade from collapsing with a gust of wind.

Market Umbrellas

market umbrellas

Market umbrellas are commonly used in cafes and wineries. They provide shade for their customers as well as a branding opportunity.

These umbrellas have been increasing in popularity. They come in different materials such as olefin, acrylic and polyester. Different materials may have different prices. Consult your signage supplier on the most suitable option for your use.

Inflatable Marquees

Inflatable Marquee


Floor graphics, crowd control banners, market umbrellas, and inflatable marquees are some of the most underutilized signage in events. Any unbranded section of the event presents a branding (and sponsorship) opportunity for both your event.

Remember this photo?

event graphics

Signage can make a huge difference to any event.

About the author

Stan Tan is the digital marketing manager at Selby’s, a printing and signage company in Australia specializing in events, retail, and trade shows. They were the company behind providing signage for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


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